Team Villain
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDI - May the Odds Be Never In Your Favor
TDI - Pilot School
Place TDI - 13th
TDI - 6th
Relationship Dave (broken up)
Friends Samey, Jasmine, Ella, Scott
Enemies Dave, Leonard, Beardo, Sky, Sugar, Scarlett, Mike, Zoey, Brianna, Vin
Roleplayer Glenn31

Amy is a contestant in Total Drama Island. She was the main antagonist of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island in the First Series, and a minor antagonist in Total Drama Island of the second series.

First Series

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Amy arrives at the island pretending to be a sweet, nice girl like her sister, Samey. The only person to immediately see through this is Dave, whom Amy immediately starts an alliance with.

She quickly assumes the role of Team Leader of the Crazy Cannonballs, leading them to victory numerous times by cheering them on and giving friendly encouragements.

In Mike's Evil Eliminations, Chris introduces a twist where a third person's name can be called and they will be automatically eliminated, Leonard chooses Amy and she is eliminated, though brought back in the next episode due to an unfair elimination. She abandons her nice-girl disguise but still keeps the trust of her team. She begins to believe that Dave has a crush on her, and eventually gets him to admit his feelings for Amy, and they begin a relationship.

Despite their good terms, Amy begins to spread lies about Sky to eliminate her, which she manages to do.  Amy, Samey and Dave make it to the final 3 and are put against each other in the finale.

In Dave and the Twins, Amy finds out about Dave's plans of lieing to her about Samey, so to turn Amy against her. Amy responds to this by breaking up with Dave and the two become enemies. In the end, she loses Total Drama: Pahkitew Island to her ex-boyfriend, Dave.

Second Series

Total Drama Island

Amy is the first to get off the helicopter in Return of the Drama. She is horrified to discover that she is at Camp Wawanakwa. She then insults Dave's new appearance, calling his now dark skin sunburn. Upon meeting Pierre, she questions his identity, Chris then explains. Scott then jumps into her arms in fear upon seeing Antonio, which prompts Amy to greet Scott for the first time.

Amy quickly assumes the role of captain of Team Villain and leads the search for the treehouse supplies. When she spots the cave, she is disappointed to hear Chris announce that her team must live there, greatly angering her.

When it was found out that Samey had reached the cave before the villains, and that Team Hero were stuck with the cave, Amy quickly found the supplies for the treehouse and won the challenge.