(stop) PLEASE DO NOT TALK (stop

(Chris) : This season on Total Drama Island
(Chris) : 20 campers fought for the chance of winning 1 million dollars

BoysCanLikeItToo has joined the chat. 7:32 Glenn31

(Chris) : But we're down to the Final 2
(Chris) : It's Cody vs. Brianna in the Ultimate Total Drama Showdown!
(Chris) : And one of them will go home rich and famous
(Chris) : The other will not
(Chris) : It's time to see who the winner is
(Chris) : This is
(Chris) : Total
(Chris) : Drama
(Chris) : Island!
(music) Intro  (music)

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7:33 Lettucecow fuck this xD 7:33 Glenn31 no Do not leave BoysCanLikeItToo has joined the chat. 7:33 Glenn31 STOP EET

  • Cody and Brianna walk into the Main Lodge for breakfast*

7:33 BoysCanLikeItToo I JUST CANT 7:34 Lettucecow


7:34 BoysCanLikeItToo ill be refreshing alot this internet us just 7:34 Lettucecow vv, sub brianna 7:34 Glenn31

(Chef) : *drapes the table with a silk tablecloth and some candles* Welcome to your Final 2 breakfast!

7:34 BoysCanLikeItToo nigga dpnt sub shot shit 7:34 Lettucecow

(cody) Sooooo, it's gonna be edible?

7:34 Glenn31


7:34 BoysCanLikeItToo SHUT THE FUCK UP 7:34 Glenn31

(Chef) : *walks out of the kitchen with two plates of the most gourmet shit imaginable*

7:35 BoysCanLikeItToo

(BRIANNA) : what is this

7:35 Glenn31

(Chris) : Your breakfast. You'll need a big one for today's challenge

7:35 Lettucecow

(CODY) *conf* WOW! Making it to the final 2 was worth it! I can eat without throwing up for 2 straight hours

7:35 Glenn31

(Chris) : The lawyers were a little ticked that you lived on wild berries for the last few weeks, so we spent the last bit of the budget on your final 2 breakfast
(Chris) : But don't expect to be treated this well *in a slow and loud voice* NEXT. SEASON!

7:36 BoysCanLikeItToo

(BRIANNA) : *sprinkles poison blueberries on Cody's meal* a Enjoy, I final two buddy!

7:36 Glenn31 poison blueberries? 7:36 BoysCanLikeItToo why not 7:36 Glenn31 Do they exist? xD 7:36 The Villainous Vulture "a Enjoy, I final two buddy!" Either I'm reading that wrong 7:37 Lettucecow

(cody) *throws bluberries away* This isn't the hunger games sweetie

7:37 Coolboy87 Lol 7:37 The Villainous Vulture Or that engrish is wrong 7:37 BoysCanLikeItToo Oh shut up 7:37 Glenn31

(Chris) : Eat up finalists, the challenge begins in half an hour *leaves*

7:37 BoysCanLikeItToo

(BRIANNA) : humph. You aren't as stupid as I hoped.

7:38 Glenn31

(Chef) : SHUT UP UND STUFF EET! *angry language for eat the goddamn food*

7:38 Lettucecow

(cody) Once I win, I can be president of the math club *le eats*

7:38 BoysCanLikeItToo

(BRIANNA) : okay, okay! Get a heart, tin man. *eats*

7:38 Glenn31

(Chef) : *throws a hatchet that barely misses Brianna*  >:/

7:39 BoysCanLikeItToo

(BRIANNA) : I love how you just proved my point

7:39 Glenn31

(Chris) : Welcome to the Final challenge!
(Chris) : To the right, is the peanut gallery of every contestant eliminated this season
(Amy) : *waving a blue flag with Cody's face on it* GO CODY!

7:40 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* Amy's rooting for me? When did she get human decency?

7:40 Glenn31

(Chris) : In an Aftermath challenge, Cody won an advantage. A seriously pimped out speedboat
(Chris) : Brianna gets that seriously leaky dinghy over there
(Chris) : *presses a button and a tennis ball launcher appears on Cody's boat*

7:41 Lettucecow

(cody) *chuckles* This is gonna be good.

7:42 Glenn31

(Chris) : And for Mrs. Noheart *presses another button and a torn sail appears on Brianna's boat*

BoysCanLikeItToo has left the chat. 7:42 The Villainous Vulture -_- 7:43 Lettucecow well 7:43 Glenn31

(Chris) : Your challenge is to sail all the way to Boney Island, scour the Skull Cave for your designated Golden Chris Idol. The first one to bring it back to Camp and put it on top of their team's idol wins!

BoysCanLikeItToo has joined the chat. 7:43 BoysCanLikeItToo

(BRIANNA) : Another race finale? Ugh.

7:43 Lettucecow

(cody) can we were blindfolds? If it's a golden chris head, it'll magnify your face

7:43 Glenn31

(Chris) : Brianna's idol has a pink base, Cody's has a blue base. If you bring back the wrong idol, the person who's idol you delivered wins

7:44 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* *chuckles* I wrote that one down on a napkin

7:44 Glenn31

(Chris) : The totem pole with members of Team Neutral belongs to Cody. The one with Team Hero members belongs to Brianna. Put your idols on the very tipity top of your totem
(Chris) : Remember, there's a million dollars on the line! *blows airhorn* FLY MY PRETTIES!

7:45 Lettucecow

(cody) *jumps in his boat and starts flying through the water*

7:45 Glenn31

(Chris) : *nudges Brianna* Means go

7:45 Lettucecow

(cody) Your not as smart as though mrs. EVIL!!!!!!!

BoysCanLikeItToo has left the chat. BoysCanLikeItToo has joined the chat. 7:46 Glenn31 GO THE CHALLENGE HAS STARTED! 7:46 BoysCanLikeItToo I JUST CANT 7:46 Glenn31 STOP MOPING AND DRIVE THE DAMN BOAT 7:46 Lettucecow

(cody) *flying throught the water*

7:46 Glenn31 Oh my god Fuck this 7:46 Lettucecow damn boys stop ruinging everything 7:47 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *starts the boat* I'm gonna GET YOU!

Coolboy87 has left the chat. 7:47 Lettucecow thank you glenn. 7:47 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *speeds like fuck across the lake*

BoysCanLikeItToo has left the chat. 7:47 Lettucecow

(cody) *shoots a tennis ball at the dingy's bottom*

7:47 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *swerves out of the way*

7:47 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : GO BRIANNA!

7:47 Lettucecow

(cody) IT's gonna break with all that pressure, should have picked a better boat!

7:47 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *throws the tennis ball back at Cody*
(Brianna) : *kicks it into overdrive and goes 5mph*

7:48 Lettucecow

(cody) *shoots tennis ball's at the oars and breaks them in half due to the shitty condition*

7:48 Glenn31 Oars? She's using a motor c: 7:48 Lettucecow you said it was a dingy dingy's dont have engies 7:48 Glenn31 Think of the boat from Backstabbers Ahoy It's a rubber boat bae 7:48 Lettucecow that was a canoe get your terminology right 7:49 Glenn31 ITS A RUBBER BOAT WITH A MOTOR KEEP GOING 7:49 Lettucecow

(cody) well, since it's a rubber boat

BoysCanLikeItToo has joined the chat. 7:49 BoysCanLikeItToo Twelve 7:49 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *throws another tennis ball at Cody's motor and it stalls*

7:49 BoysCanLikeItToo fuckign 7:49 Lettucecow

(cody) *puts a pencil from his shirt pocket into the tennis ball launcher and shoots it at the boat*

7:49 BoysCanLikeItToo minutes 7:49 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *zooms past Cody* Whoops :3

7:50 BoysCanLikeItToo 0_0 Glenn can keep being me though 7:50 Lettucecow

(cody) Keep thinkgin that! *watches the boat lose air

7:50 BoysCanLikeItToo cause I don't know how dependable my moms words are 7:50 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *casually takes the pen out and tapes the hole*
(Brianna) : *arrives at Boney Island*  :D

7:50 Lettucecow

(cody) *motor explodes and knocks him into the rock on boney island's shore

7:51 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *runs like fuck to Skull Cave*

7:51 BoysCanLikeItToo Omfg 7:51 Lettucecow

(cody) That was my pelvis

7:51 BoysCanLikeItToo this blonde girl on twitter 7:51 Lettucecow

(cody) *runs into skull fave*
  • cave*

7:51 Glenn31

(Brianna) : Where is it? Urgh!

7:51 BoysCanLikeItToo "I'm so doing with America. I'm moving to the us" One* DONE DAMMIT Ima stop talking 7:52 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *finds an idol* Bingo! Wait.. this is Cody..... *throws the idol away and it falls out the skull eye*

7:52 Lettucecow

(cody) Golden chris head..
(cody) Hmm..
(cody) *gets out a magnet*

7:52 Glenn31

(Brianna) : If I were an idol, where would I be?

7:52 Lettucecow

(cody) *catches brianna's idol in the magnetism* Oh, lookie here

7:52 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *tackles Cody* GIMMIE DAT!

7:53 Lettucecow

(cody) *throws it in the ocen*

7:53 Glenn31 Ocean? 7:53 Lettucecow

(cody) Too late mrs evil

7:53 Glenn31 There's on a fucking lake doe in a cave 7:53 Lettucecow lake same thing BoysCanLikeItToo has left the chat. 7:53 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *dives in and gets it*  :D
(Brianna) : *runs back to her boat*

BoysCanLikeItToo has joined the chat. 7:53 Lettucecow

(cody) *grabs his idol and jumos into the boat*\

7:53 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *speeds off like a mofo*
(Brianna) : I'm gonna win!

7:54 Lettucecow

(CODY) *flies across the water and loads his idol into thet balllauncher

7:54 Glenn31 ^ Bad idea 7:54 Lettucecow BRB 7:54 Glenn31

(stop) PAUSE  (stop)

(stop) RESUMING (stop)

(Brianna) : *takes a razor out of her pocket* Game over Cody! *throws the razor at Cody's boat*

8:09 Lettucecow

(cody) *shoots the the tennis ball launcher with his golden chris head in it and it lands on the totem pole perfectly*

8:09 Glenn31 .... No 8:09 Lettucecow


8:09 Glenn31 They're still in the middle of the lake 8:09 Lettucecow not really it was obvious they were both close 8:10 Glenn31 No not really They had only left Boney Island 8:10 Lettucecow fain 8:10 Glenn31 You were just gone for so long it seemed like it NOW SHOOT THE DAMN RAZOR 8:10 Lettucecow

(cody) *shoots a tennis ball and knocks the razor back into brianna's mboat

8:10 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *her head gets shaved by the razor*  D:

8:10 Lettucecow

(cody) *passes brianna*  (troll)

8:10 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *gets hit in the eye with the ball* Ow!

8:11 Lettucecow

  • you

8:11 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *speeds up like a mofo and passes Cody*

8:11 Lettucecow

(cody) 0.0
(cody) *shoots a tennis ball at brianna's moter*

8:11 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *arrives at the island wearing an eyepatch* Cody. is. dead
(Amy) : *laughs*

8:11 Lettucecow

(cody) Alright. Time for plan golden chris head

8:11 Glenn31

(Cody) : Brianna, climb the totem pole and get your idol up quick!
(Chris) *

what even?

(Brianna) : *starts climbing*

8:12 Lettucecow

(CODY) *sticks a pencil in his motor and it explodes and he lands on his totem pole and starts climbing*

8:12 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *climbs like shit* No!

8:12 Lettucecow

(cody) Physics BITCH

8:12 Glenn31

(Brianna) : *reaches up* I can't... reach! *climbs higher*

8:12 Lettucecow

(cody) *reaches the top and puts hi crhis hea don it*


  • chris head on it8

8:13 Glenn31


8:13 Lettucecow

(cody) Sorry mrs. Evil

8:13 Glenn31

  • Two of the Dock's support beams open up and shoot confetti out of them*
(Brianna) : I.. lost....
(Brianna) :  (derp)

8:13 Lettucecow

(cody) *takes his hands off the totom pole and starts cheering* YEAH!

8:14 Glenn31

(Chris) : *hands Cody the million dollar case* Congratulations, Cody!

8:14 Lettucecow

(cody) *falls off the totem pole lands on vin*

8:14 Glenn31


8:14 Lettucecow

(vin) Thanks! Whoo!

wtf 8:14 Glenn31

(Bianca) : It's Ok, Bri. I'm still here

8:14 Lettucecow

(cody) *

8:14 Glenn31

(Brianna) : I just.. can't believe it
(Bianca) : Don't you still have like, 5 million dollars?

8:14 Lettucecow

(felix) Um, brianna, I think you may have went a little..
(felix) How shall I say it

8:14 Glenn31

(Brianna) : I do, don't I?  (derp)

8:15 Lettucecow

(billy) *interuprs felix* BATSHIT CRAZY

8:15 Glenn31

(Chris) : And so it ends. Thanks

8:15 Lettucecow

(felix) Yeah, cheese guy is righ

8:15 Glenn31

(Chris) : But don't worry, we'll see you NEXT SEASON!
(Amy) : O_O
(Brianna) : No.
(Chris) : I'm Chris McClean, and this has been
(Chris) : Total
(Chris) : Drama
(Chris) : ISLAND!
(stop) THIS SEASON HAS ENDED  (stop)