Team Villain

The Fail Friends

Gender Male
Eliminated TDI:"The cheese Inquisition"

RR: "Wrath of Khan"/ "We're Oslo Cold"

Place TDI:18th


Friends Vin,skipp,Jared,cody
Enemies Amy,Emma

Billy was a contestant on TDI, and in RR. He is labled "the Cheese Obsessed Moron"


Billy is a generally nice guy, who is addicted to cheese. He has below average smarts , and doesn't realize things quickly. He is very gullible and easily manipulated, which is usually exploited by Vin, because billy thinks of him as friend, though Vin actually thinks of Billy as a friend also, he exploits him for his own personal gain. Even with his upbeat demeanor, he can be a hinderance in challenges due to his low attention span, and will start eating cheese out of nowhere, but he seems to know more then he lets on sometimes. 

Ridonculous Race Episode Appearances

On Your Marks...

Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition

Gypsy Hybrids

The Rocky Roads of Dublin

Berlin Fall

The Soviet Connection

Monk Marathon

The Wrath of Khan (Elminated the first time)

Climbing Khalifa (returns)

 Great jäbdänya

Tro Tro Travel

Warsaw Packing

Carry Me Careful

Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck

We're Oslo Cold


  • In every season he has competed in, he is always paired with vin, wether in the same team in TDI, or as a pair in RR.
  •  In the RR episode Carry Me Careful, it is revealed the reason for billy's unusually heavy weight is the fact he carries an emergency cheese stash in his pockets, which he states to weight 18 pounds.