• Heozaki

    New Wiki Project: RPNX

    October 16, 2014 by Heozaki

    Hey, guys!  It's been a while and I've been wondering to what you all have been up to.  I have been working on a new wiki project that will be experimenting with some new styles of RPing and such.  If you're interested, I recommend you to come hang out at the RPNX wiki this Friday and Saturday to see what it's about.  Hope you all have a great day and hopefully I'll see you there!  

    Heo, out.


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  • Red Panda 5


    July 22, 2014 by Red Panda 5

    Since none of yu like/respect me...I'll leave. No one makes blogs on this anyway So it won't matter at all. If you do read this, I think I may take a little break and get a life. No one will miss me right? *crickets* This is not a self-sympathy blog, you all treat me like crap and don't listen, I liked Hijotee's roleplay a lot better, minus all the abuse. I say, "Please don't use bad words around me." You all, "Shut up b****" I would appreciate if you all appreciated me and supported me on my own roleplay. Instead, too busy. I'M DEALING WITH 3! I guess I can handle it. They're not all the same time ya know1 >:( I done with all of you! And this is definately gonna lighten' your mood! :)

    Screw you,


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  • Glenn31

    Final 6

    July 17, 2014 by Glenn31

    Greetings fellow roleplayers. As the first season of our roleplay slowly draws to a close, we've reached the Final 6, Amy, Brianna, Cody, Jared, Scott and Zoey.

    Out of these six, who do you think, besides youself, has the best chances of making the Final 2? I for one see a Brianna vs. Scott Final 2 on the way, what are everybody else's thoughts?

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  • TheAnimeKid87

    Here's her personality...Yeah.

    Coco is a nice girl who loves doing many things, but forgets things really easily. She eventually remembers them at horrible times. Coco sometimes speaks slowly especially when trying to remember things. She is never insulted, being oblivious when someone insults her. She also loves to think it's Christmas. Coco sometimes tries to communicate in her language only to fail. By saying; "Cake-O" or "Loco" instead of Coco. In challenges Coco can do well, she has immense running skills her obliviousness can sometimes confuse the others, unintentionally giving her an advantage. Also, Coco is sensitive her feelings are hurt easily, even though that it is not ever the intention, if people intend to hurt her feelings it…

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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Hola users of the wiki! I have a question for you, who do y'all think'll win TDI? Now before you answer "Me, of course", I have one rule, no voting for yourself! So pick and comment what character you think'll win this wiki's first season! And please be honest and respectful when commenting your answer.

    Please and thank ya,


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  • TheAnimeKid87

    I'M BACK!

    June 27, 2014 by TheAnimeKid87

    Yay! So, cool! Okay, in case you don't know me, I played Beth, Dakota and Eva in Season's 1-5. I played Coco in TDR. So, this is my 7th season as a RPer, wow. Time Flies.

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  • Marialuisa.hernandez.3760
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  • Exploding Bacon 1902

    Hello! My name is Nathaniel and I am a member of the robotics team called Exploding Bacon 1902. I am a big fan of Total Drama. I am also a big fan of Wikia and I made a non-biased Top Wikis Dedicated to Total Drama page on my blog on the Top 10 Wikis! So with out further ado, lets see what is the best of the beat of the best, SIR!

    Place Wiki Name Founder/Leader Reason for Placeing
    1st Total Drama: The Roleplay Wiki RiMiEg007 Great looking wiki with enjoyable and realistic episodes.
    2nd Total Drama Wiki TDIFan13 Great looking with articles that are fun to read and great trivia.
    3rd OUR TOTAL DRAMA ROLEPLAY Wiki GODuncan Great looking with unique plots and realistic episodes.
    4th Hijotee Wiki Amazing Hijotee Enjoyable episodes and silly r…

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  • SerenelyChaotic


    May 5, 2014 by SerenelyChaotic

    wtf unban me from chat u lil bichiz plz fite me irl rn u lil fgts #beturthanuol #usuk #smartassritehere

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  • TDOW Caption Crunch

    Welcome to April Crunch!

    After almost a month, Caption Crunch is back with a vengeance! Who needs April Fools' Day when we can have a whole month dedicated to it? For the next 4 weeks, our images will NOT be from Total Drama, instead there will be 2 weeks of images from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, then 2 weeks of another show. This week's (out of context) caption is to your right, come up with the best caption to win! 

    Don't forget the rules!*Do not create more than one caption.

    • Do not duplicate another user's caption.
    • Do not edit your caption after you have created it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.
    • Follow the blog guidelines and simplified ruleset when creating a comment.
    • Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot su…
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  • TDOW Caption Crunch

    Welcome to Pancake Crunch! Since today is the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Christian period of Lent, it's Pancake Tuesday! So this week's picture will feature pancakes, and your caption must contain the word pancake  This week's caption is to your right, come up with the best caption to win! Don't forget the rules!*Do not create more than one caption.*Do not duplicate another user's caption.*Do not edit your caption after you have created it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.*Follow the blog guidelines and simplified ruleset when creating a comment.*Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot submit a caption.*Use the template to vote. (And yes, I know I'm a day early :P) : "Heather: When I said I wanted a …

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  • TDOW Caption Crunch

    Welcome to Caption Crunch!

    Last week we got off to a great start, lots of users submitted and also voted. I hope for this activity to get 

    better and better as the weeks go by.

    This week's caption is to your right, come up with the best caption to win! Don't forget the rules!

    • Do not create more than one caption.
    • Do not duplicate another user's caption.
    • Do not edit your caption after you have created it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.
    • Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot submit a caption.
    • Use the

    :"Getting Freaky In The Savannah"]]

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  • TDOW Caption Crunch

    Welcome to Caption Crunch!

    This week we have the very first Caption Crunch! If you don't know what Caption Crunch is, you basically have to put a funny caption for the photo in the comments and if you think a caption is funny, reply to the comment saying template to vote.

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  • TrueCobalion

    My merge Prediction

    February 2, 2014 by TrueCobalion

    These are my predictions, if they are wrong, don't yell at me.

    13th -  Tyler the Accident Prone Jock

    12th -  Lindsay, the Dumb Blonde

    11th - Bridgette the Happy Surfer

    10th - DJ the Mamas Boy

    9th -  Noah, the One with Brains

    8th - Leshawna the Bootylicious

    7th - Courtney the C.I.T

    6th - Heather the Queen Bee

    5th - Eva the strong girl

    4th - Duncan the Delinquent

    Final 3 : Cody

    Gwen Izzy

    Vote Cody, Gwen, or Izzy in the comments

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  • WeAllLikeOwen&Dakota

    13th: Noah

    12th: Tyler

    11th: Bridgette

    10th: Eva

    9th: DJ

    8th: Lindsay

    7th: Izzy

    6th: Leshawna

    5th: Gwen

    4th: Cody

    3rd/2nd/1st: Courtney or Heather or Duncan

    Vote either Courtney or Heather or Duncan in the comments.

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  • Red Panda 5

    TDI Prediction

    February 1, 2014 by Red Panda 5


    22nd: Sadie

    21st: Beth

    20th: Geoff

    19th: Katie

    18th: Owen

    17th: Harold

    16th: Ezekiel


    15th: Justin

    14th: Courtney


    13th: Bridgette

    12th: Tyler

    11th: Noah

    10th:  DJ

    9th: Gwen

    8th: Eva

    7th: Lindsay

    6th: Leshawna

    5th: Izzy


    Remaining Killer Bass: Duncan, Heather, Trent Remaining Screaming Gopher: Cody

    4th: Trent


    I think either Cody, Duncan, or Heather will win!

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  • Red Panda 5


    January 20, 2014 by Red Panda 5

    SO......yeah. Total Drama Hunger Games will be made soon... by me. It will premeire this week. I have not decided the order yet. But I kinda wanna put in 12 people per episode, there are 50 peeps in Total Drama right now so..........THE FIRST 10 OCs that are put in the comments will be in. 5 guys and 5 girls please.

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  • Glenn31


    November 6, 2013 by Glenn31

    Welcome to the Total Drama Our Way wiki. The wiki is still under construction but getting along nicely thanks to the amazing AwesomeTD who is doing a lot of the behind the scenes.

    I don't know when I'll be starting Season 1 of the roleplay yet, but It'll be a lot sooner than I expect if things go this well. In the next few hours pages might be a bit confusing and strange, but they'll all be fixed soon enough. 

    Season 1 will feature the original Total Drama Island contestants and you can be whoever you want as long as their space is free. I'll be nominating a group of possible hosts to play Chris McClean pretty soon, and a voting time will be announced for when you can vote which one of the nominees you think would make the best host.

    The winn…

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