Team Hero

Team Villain

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Silver
Eliminated TDI - Battle of the Century
Place TDI - 2nd
Friends Bianca, Dave, Zoey
Enemies Samey, Scott, Antonio, Jared, Amy, Vin
Roleplayer User:BoysCanLikeItToo

Brianna is a contestant  in Total Drama Island. She is very nice, and has a disliking for anything not fair or just. She is the only person to create an actual friendship with Bianca, due to them knowing each other before the show. Brianna is shown to be more than capable of getting rid of others, but hates using that ability to get ahead. Brianna is in the final two against Cody.

First Series

Brianna won Total Drama Reloaded and the $5,000,000.

Second Series

Total Drama Island

Brianna is originally placed on the Heroes team. She makes it through many episodes and has always recieve a marshmellow without being low, this is due to her likabillity and her never sabatoging. She creates a particular friendship with Samey after Bianca is eliminated. In The Bianca inside Brianna, Brianna reveals she has found the immunity idol, and has hidden fakes around the island. Samey is voted off after the Heroes lose due to a unanimous vote, and presents one of Brianna's fakes. She then forcefully breaks her friendship with Brianna before being kicked off the island. Due to her actions, Brianna then swapped teams with Mike, and became part of Team Villain. She eventually made the Final 2 with Cody. She however, eventually went mad and became evil to show others she wasn't a pushover, this led to her defeat in the finale. She also gained the ultimate payback of becoming bald, and substaining and eye injury that forces her to wear an eyepatch. She then learned the error of her ways, and kept a positive spirit, whiel at the same time realizing she was still richer than Cody.

Evil brianna

Evil Brianna from the Face your Fears challenge