This is the cast list of each season of TDOW. The cast list is posted 2 days after sign-up ends.

Total Drama Island

Character Player Duration
Brianna BoysCanLikeItToo ?/26
Bianca ?/26
Samey ?/26
Zoey ?/26
Cameron TrueCobalion ?/26
Harold ?/26
Felix Lettucecow ?/26
Cody ?/26
Billy ?/26
Vin ?/26
Trent SierraFanGuy ?/26
Pierre Glenn31 ?/26
Amy ?/26
Mike ?/26
Noah Ickabod1100 1/26
Duncan WeAllLikeOwen&Dakota ?/26
Jared The Villainous Vulture ?/26
Scott ?/26
Dave ?/26
Antonio ?/26

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