(stop) PLEASE DO NOT TALK  (stop)
(Chris) : Last time on Total Drama Island
(Chris) : I died
(Chris) : Topher did it
(Chris) : Duncan went home
(Chris) : The end
(music) intro  (music)
(stop) Talk  (stop)
(Amy) : *wakes up* Phew, I'm in my bed *rolls around and Scott is beside her* AAAAAAAAAH!

9:04 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Wakes up* *Yawns and looks over* OH COME ON!

9:04 Lettucecow

(cody) *videotapes it and magically teleports away*

9:04 Glenn31 Really? 9:04 Lettucecow


9:04 Glenn31

(Amy) : *tosses the entire bed out the window* Nope

9:05 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : That never happened.

9:05 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* *gets his phone out and emails the video to vin*

9:05 Glenn31

  • the bed lands on Cody because injuries r funneh*

9:05 Lettucecow

(cody)  D:

9:05 Glenn31

(Amy) :  (troll)

9:05 Lettucecow

(cody)  >:/

9:05 Glenn31

(Amy) : *gets dressed* I am sleeping on the floor from now on

9:05 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : Cody i'm reeally getting sick of your shit and say what you want back to me i already know im a bitch at this point so who cares tbh

9:05 The Villainous Vulture My Laptop might randomly update Just a warning 9:05 Lettucecow

(cody) Meh
(cody)  :P

9:06 BoysCanLikeItToo no one fucking cares 9:06 Glenn31 So... Is Zoey gonna ever get jealous of the Scamy thing? 9:06 BoysCanLikeItToo zoey doesnt care anymore 9:06 Glenn31 Fuck you Was the whole point of it 9:06 BoysCanLikeItToo oh 9:06 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Starts whittling*

9:06 BoysCanLikeItToo well 9:06 Glenn31

(Amy) : *does some random carthweels*

Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:07 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Reading a book* Oh hey, Brianna isn't crying.
(Dave) : Guess that's a good thing

9:07 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : *doing chin-ups* Twenty-eight...twenty-nine.

9:07 Glenn31

(Amy) : Has she finally accepted that she's evil to the bone?

9:07 TDfan10 Scamy is actually a thing? Welcome to the chat, Teamdarkfan4 9:07 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Still reading* She is not evil.

9:07 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *jumps off from the bar* No. It's just time i realized the merge is coming up, it's game time!

9:07 Lettucecow it's a recurring gag, it's not "thing" yet. 9:08 TDfan10 ah 9:08 Glenn31 But it'll probably happen eventually 9:08 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : She's not evil, you just had some bad dick *glances at scott* and you're cranky

9:08 Glenn31

(Amy) : So are you. All the time

PUT YOUR CONTESTANT(S)'S FEAR BELOW 9:08 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I didn't even say anything about it today!

9:08 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : I know that now

9:08 Glenn31

(Amy) : Spiders

9:08 BoysCanLikeItToo ill message chu 9:08 The Villainous Vulture Shouldn't we do it in PM? 9:08 Lettucecow yeah 9:08 Glenn31 Yeah Fears in PM TDfan10 has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:09 BoysCanLikeItToo TDFAN IS ABOUT TO GET BANNED FROM CHAT CAN SHE MAKE UP HER FUCKING MIND 9:10 Glenn31


9:10 The Villainous Vulture get to me after 9:10 Glenn31

(Chris) : Ampitheater, now

9:10 The Villainous Vulture I gotta finish something 9:10 Glenn31 K 9:10 The Villainous Vulture brb 9:11 Glenn31

(Amy) : *Goes*
(Amy) : If this is truth or dare a-fucking-gain

9:11 Lettucecow

(cody) whats it gonna be this time? Chef gonna put on a fairy princess costume and put on a play for us?

9:11 Glenn31

(Chef) : *throws a hatchet that barely misses Cody*

9:11 Lettucecow

(cody)  D:
(cody) I'm sure you'll make a good fairy princess chef, don't worry!  (troll)

9:12 Glenn31

(Chef) :  >:/
(Chris) : This.. is the wheel... of FEAR!
(Amy) : *sarcastic* Frightening

9:12 Lettucecow

(felix) *Looking disinterested* Yay?

Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:12 Lettucecow MAKE UP YOUR MIND, JEEZ 9:12 BoysCanLikeItToo Fucking laptop 9:13 Teamdarkfan4 so hes a bit of a fixer upper 9:13 Glenn31

(Chris) : Whoever this wheel lands on, they will have to face their fear

9:13 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : Everyone knows what I'm afraid of..

9:13 Glenn31

(Chris) : If they can face it, they win a point for their team

9:13 Lettucecow

(cody) How the hell did you get our fears?

9:13 Glenn31

(Chris) : >:3
(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Amy) *
(Amy) : 0-0

9:14 Lettucecow

(cody) *gets popcorn*

9:14 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : I'm afraid of Amy's face I mean that shit is the essence of terror

TDfan10 has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:14 Lettucecow my god td 9:14 Glenn31

(Amy) : *smacks the shit out of Zoey*
(Amy) : *walks up the the stage all classy leik* Hey Chris  :)

9:14 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : bitch I'll shoot you

9:14 Glenn31

(Chris) : *presses a button and a tiny spider comes up from under the stage*
(Amy) :  D:
(Amy) : SPIDER!

9:15 Lettucecow

(cody) *laughing his off*

9:15 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) :'re kidding

9:15 Lettucecow

  • ass
(felix) Thats a very original fear.

9:15 Glenn31

(Amy) : *Hides behind Chris* Make it go away, please!
(Chris) : If you step on it, Team Villain gets a point

9:15 The Villainous Vulture back 9:15 BoysCanLikeItToo


9:15 Glenn31

(Amy) : *cautiously walks up to the spider and stamps the shit out of it*

9:15 BoysCanLikeItToo oh wb vulture 9:16 Glenn31

(Amy) :  :D
(Team Hero) 0  (Team Neutral) 0  (Team Villain) 1

9:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Good job Amy, because Spider's are just SOOOOO scary.

9:16 Lettucecow

(cody) what a daring accomplishment.

9:16 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on Mike*

Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 TDfan10 has been banned by BoysCanLikeItToo (undo). 9:16 BoysCanLikeItToo good fuck Glenn31 has ended the Chat ban for TDfan10. 9:16 Lettucecow xD Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:16 Teamdarkfan4 lol 9:16 Glenn31

(Mike) : You can't get what I fear

9:17 TDfan10


9:17 Glenn31

(Mal) : Hey, Mikey

9:17 BoysCanLikeItToo then fucking make up your mind 9:17 Glenn31

(Mike) : O_O

9:17 BoysCanLikeItToo O_O 9:17 Glenn31

(Mike) : H-how are you...

9:17 TDfan10 about what? 9:17 Glenn31

(Mal) : I'm not allowed disclose that information

9:17 Lettucecow

(felix) It's an intern in a costume mike.

9:18 Glenn31

(Mike) : Go away! You can't hurt me! You're not real!

9:18 Lettucecow

(felix) *le facepalm*

9:18 TDfan10 I finished the pic 9:18 Glenn31

(Mal) : *is suddenly in front of Felix* This look like a costume, squirt?  (die)

9:18 Lettucecow

(felix) *rips mal's face off revealing the fat inerns From TDRI* Yes.

9:18 Glenn31

(Mal) : Um, I'm over here *is over at the stage*

Lettuce, don't ruin shit 9:19 Lettucecow


9:19 TDfan10 TDIBack.png 9:19 Glenn31 Is Scott not reacting to this? 9:19 Lettucecow

(felix) I'm not touching you, you interns are dirty.
(felix) Chirs works you 24/7, you have dirt all over you..

9:19 The Villainous Vulture No He isn't. 9:19 Glenn31

(Mike) : *throws a punch at Mal*

9:19 Teamdarkfan4 lol 9:19 Lettucecow tdfan 9:19 Glenn31

(Mal) : *grabs Mike's arm and crushes it* No.
(Mike) : Agh!

9:20 TDfan10 what 9:20 Lettucecow you forgot vin  :I 9:20 TDfan10 ... F*** 9:20 Glenn31 xD 9:20 TDfan10 I knew I was missing someone Brb in 10 mins or less 9:20 Glenn31


9:20 BoysCanLikeItToo i would forget vin too 9:20 Lettucecow how hes like my best OC 9:21 Glenn31

(Mike) : I.. I can't *walks back down*
(Team Hero) 0  (Team Neutral) 0  (Team Villain) 1

9:21 The Villainous Vulture Your best ain't good enough  :P 9:21 BoysCanLikeItToo ik i like vin my mind is just shit 9:21 Glenn31 NIGGAS 9:21 Lettucecow

(felix) *conf* Faceplam* Wow.

9:21 Glenn31 DOING AN EPISODE HERE 9:21 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : FAIL!
(Scott) : Ahahahahahaha

9:21 Glenn31

(Mal) : *disappears in a puff of malice*

TDfan10 has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:22 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Cody) *

9:22 Lettucecow

(cody)  :I

9:22 Glenn31

(Hijotee) : *appears in a puff of fag* Hey there, Cody  (die)

9:22 Lettucecow

(cody) ****

9:22 The Villainous Vulture xDDDDD 9:22 Lettucecow

(cody) *puts on a blindfold* I need this point,

9:22 Glenn31

(Hijotee) : Wanna play a game?

9:23 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* FUCK CHRIS.

9:23 Glenn31

(Chris) : Just.. hug him

9:23 Lettucecow

(cody) oh.

9:23 BoysCanLikeItToo A PUFF OF FAG

(brianna) : Chris, that's inhumane

9:23 Lettucecow

(cody) *puts on blindfold and gas mask and hugs*

9:23 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Not even you can go that far

9:23 Glenn31

(Chris) : I can  (Troll)

9:23 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *tears up and salutes cody* You. Are an american hero.

9:23 Teamdarkfan4 xD 9:23 Lettucecow

(cody) Did it...

9:23 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 0  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 1

They're Canadian  :/ 9:23 Teamdarkfan4 Cody , you are getting the medal of honor 9:24 BoysCanLikeItToo stfu 9:24 Glenn31

(Hijotee) :  (:D)

9:24 BoysCanLikeItToo their americaan 9:24 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* *throwing up repeatly*

9:24 BoysCanLikeItToo hoe Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:24 Glenn31 Hai again 9:24 Teamdarkfan4 Steve the llama blesses you Cody 9:24 Glenn31

(Hijotee) : *disappears in a puff of horny*

9:24 BoysCanLikeItToo cody just got an infection 9:24 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Gives Cody some disinfecting spray* You'll need this

9:24 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Zoey) *

9:24 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Oh this'll be good

9:24 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : Pfft. As if i'm afraid of something.

9:25 Lettucecow

(CODY) *curled up in a ball and shaking*

9:25 Glenn31

(Chris) : Everyone, would you mind speaking your minds about Zoey?

9:25 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : ...what?

9:25 Lettucecow

(cody) Bb-b-b-b-b-bitch..

9:25 Glenn31

(Amy) : Zoey? I HATE her. She's such an ugly person and she's a bitch
(Mike) : I hate her. She's horrible to everyone

9:25 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : dont all mean that

9:25 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : She SUCKS

9:25 Lettucecow

(felix) Meh

9:25 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) :  :I okay, you can stop now..

9:25 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Eh, she's fine, I guess..... NOT!

TDfan10 has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:26 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *starts crying* SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:26 Glenn31

(Chef) : She's the queen a' mean

9:26 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : *Hugs Zoey* She's the best!  :D

9:26 BoysCanLikeItToo


9:26 Glenn31

(Chris) : Aww, Zoey. Do you not like this?

9:26 Lettucecow

(CODY) I had to hug "him". Suck it up bitch.

9:26 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : I just complimented you  D:

9:26 BoysCanLikeItToo


9:26 Teamdarkfan4 ._. 9:26 Glenn31

(Amy) : Well then

9:26 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : I COMPLIMENTED YOU! *Storms away*

9:26 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 0  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 2

9:26 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: What a bitch. 9:27 Glenn31

(Chris) : You can all stop saying you hate Zoey now

9:27 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *storms off*

9:27 Glenn31

(Amy) : But I hate her
(Amy) : Bye Zoey  (wave)

9:27 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) :  :I I think she's nice...

9:27 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Felix) *

9:27 Lettucecow

(felix) *Looking indifferent*

9:28 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : I thought so too Brianna, I even hugged her to make hr feel better, but NO! She told me to fuck myself!

9:28 Glenn31

(Chris) : Can I see your robot gerbil for a sec?

9:28 Lettucecow

(felix) Why do you wanna cinnamon?
  • see

9:28 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Jared, she was talking about everyone else at once. She didn't think that about you..

9:28 Glenn31

(Chris) : Because I do!

9:28 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : *Crosses arms* Right.

9:28 Lettucecow

(felix) But very well I guess. *hands over*

9:28 Glenn31

(Chris) : *puts a flash drive into Cinnamon

Cinnamon: Malfunction! *starts sparking* 9:29 Lettucecow

(felix) w-what are you doing? That doesn't go there!

9:29 BoysCanLikeItToo gerbil rape? 9:29 The Villainous Vulture xDDDDDDD 9:29 Lettucecow

(FELIX)  (twitch)

9:29 Teamdarkfan4 Yep Gerbil Oral 9:29 Lettucecow

(felix) *presses a button on his backpack, and laser guns pop out*
(felix)  (die)

9:29 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *Sobbing in the forest loud enough for everyone to hear*
(brianna) : Oh dear god, Felix!

9:29 Lettucecow

(felix) Don't touch cinnamon.

9:29 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : SHUT UP ZOEY!

9:30 Lettucecow

(felix) *starts up the laser guns*

9:30 Glenn31


9:30 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *runs in front of felix with her hands up* STOP!

9:30 Lettucecow

(felix) Fine.

Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:30 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 1  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 2

9:30 The Villainous Vulture Mah gawd TD 9:30 TDfan10 I got it now 9:30 Teamdarkfan4 I feel sorry for Zoey , I know how she feels 9:30 Lettucecow

(felix) *grabs the gerbil carcass, and sits down*

(fleix) *gets a wrench and starts reparing* Oh no he didn't. 9:30 BoysCanLikeItToo @dark thats what i was going for >:3 9:31 The Villainous Vulture No one else feels bad for her xD Jared DID but then she yelled at him 9:31 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on Antonio*

9:31 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : *walks over to Felix* I can help you fix that, if you want..

9:31 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: Bring. it. on. 9:31 Lettucecow

(felix) Thank you,

9:31 Glenn31

(Chris) : *shows Antonio his reflection*

9:31 BoysCanLikeItToo she was yelling at once, bitch O_O HE'S SCARED OF HIS REFLECTION 9:31 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: Um, what are you doing? 9:31 BoysCanLikeItToo IM DONE 9:31 The Villainous Vulture No, he isn't xD Glenn is an idiot xD 9:31 BoysCanLikeItToo oh :3 9:31 Glenn31

(Chris) : It doesn't scare you?

9:31 Teamdarkfan4 lol 9:32 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: No? 9:32 Glenn31

(Chris) : But you scare everyone

9:32 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: So? TDfan10 has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:32 Glenn31

(Chris) : No point for neutrals then  (troll)
(Team Hero) 0  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 2

9:32 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: WHAT?! 9:32 Lettucecow

(cody)  >:/
(cody) Nice going.

9:32 Glenn31

(Chris) : You had no fear to face

9:32 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Maybe that ion capacitor can fit into this main frame...

9:32 Teamdarkfan4 I think this is one of those "You've become your father" jokes 9:32 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Scott) *

9:33 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Heh heh

9:33 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *tries to fit into the gerbil, but shocks self* SDFKDSLFKDFLKFDSKFGLSDJGFSJLSJFLRSDINIFR

9:33 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Nothin' scares me!

9:33 Glenn31

(Chris) : Oh, Antonio. Before you sit down, can you come up here?

Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:33 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: Yes?

(Scott) : ....

9:33 Lettucecow

(felix) Um..The ion capacitor goes into the left ear, not the nose.

9:33 Glenn31

(Chris) : Scare Scott

9:33 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : 0-0

9:33 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *fainted*

9:34 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: Boo.

(Scott) : AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! *Goes pale and faints*
(Dave) : Wimp.

9:34 Lettucecow

(felix) *has a blank expression on his face and shrugs, he presses a button, and the gerbil reanimates*

9:34 Glenn31

(Chris) : No point for villains then?
(Team Hero) 0  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 2

9:34 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *comes back to forest with a gallon cookie dough and a pink robe and bunny slippers*

9:34 Glenn31

(Amy) :  >:/
(Amy) : *looks at Zoey* O_O

9:35 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Still passed out, totally white pale*

9:35 BoysCanLikeItToo area, not forest :3 TDfan10 has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:35 Glenn31 Oh xD 9:35 Teamdarkfan4 Yep , know I really know who she feels 9:35 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *still fucking fainted*

9:35 Glenn31 Amy has good eyes? xD 9:35 BoysCanLikeItToo xD 9:35 Teamdarkfan4

  • how

9:35 BoysCanLikeItToo SHES THEREE DUMBASS 9:35 Glenn31

(Amy) : Oh, Brianna. Are you like, ok? *doesn't care*

9:35 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Zoey?

9:35 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *Sniffle* Can we just not pay attention to me, please?
(zoey) : I'm too mean to deserve your attention.

9:35 Glenn31

(Amy) : *points and laughs at Zoey*

9:36 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Whatever, you ain't much to look at anyway

9:36 Lettucecow

(cody) *still curled up in a ball, twitching*

Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 9:36 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on Harold*

9:36 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *still fucking knocked out till it coinicentally lands on her*

9:36 Glenn31

(Ninja) : *appears out of nowhere*

9:36 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : Oh god

9:36 TDfan10 TDIBack4.png Here ya go Glenn. 9:37 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : Freaking  ninja s

9:37 Glenn31

(Amy) : -_-

Nobody noticed Noah was missing tho xD 9:37 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *grabs some nunchucks*

9:37 Lettucecow xD 9:37 TDfan10 Lol 9:37 BoysCanLikeItToo omfg glenn xD 9:37 TDfan10 Is it good? 9:37 Glenn31 Yep 9:37 BoysCanLikeItToo is sexy 9:37 TDfan10 (thank you God) 9:37 BoysCanLikeItToo noah looks so sassy 9:37 TDfan10 Ikr 9:37 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *throws nunchucks at  (Ninja)

9:38 The Villainous Vulture gtg 9:38 Lettucecow NUUUUUUU 9:38 The Villainous Vulture Adios hamegoses I left my votes with Glenn' 9:38 BoysCanLikeItToo bye asshole 9:38 The Villainous Vulture I'm sure he;ll keep em safe >:/ 9:38 Glenn31 Bai 9:38 The Villainous Vulture Bye (:D) 9:38 TDfan10


9:39 Lettucecow


9:39 Teamdarkfan4 Bye 9:39 TrueCobalion Bai 9:39 Teamdarkfan4 May the Ladd Russo be with you 9:39 BoysCanLikeItToo fucking leave 9:39 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 2  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 2

The Villainous Vulture has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:40 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on Jared*
(Jared) : Pfft
(Chris) : *puts a dead dummy that looks like Jared on the stage*
(Jared) : Death...
(Amy) : Such irony

9:40 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : Poor Jared..he looks so petrified..

9:41 Glenn31

(Jared) : *hugs the dummy* I love you!  :D

9:41 Lettucecow

(cody) I swear...DO it! Whatever you need to do ,do it!
(cody) Oh.

9:41 Glenn31

(Chris) : Well/.....

9:41 Lettucecow

(cody) Uh..

9:41 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 2  (Team Neutral) 2  (Team Villain) 2

9:41 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : ...*stuffs face with ice cream and starts quietly sobbing again*

Welcome to the chat, The Villainous Vulture 9:41 The Villainous Vulture I'm here for leik 5 more minutes 9:41 BoysCanLikeItToo fuckk 9:41 Glenn31 You just missed Jared face his fear tho xD 9:41 The Villainous Vulture I see it He hugged it 9:41 BoysCanLikeItToo


9:41 Glenn31


9:42 BoysCanLikeItToo CAN WE HURRY UP 9:42 Glenn31 Like damn 9:42 The Villainous Vulture Yea Hurry I gotta lev 9:42 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : ...hehehe...hahaha...

9:42 Glenn31

(Amy) : 0-0

9:42 The Villainous Vulture

(jared) : *hugs Brianna* Yey, you're alive!  (:D)

9:42 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *gets up with her memory fried* Hahahha....MWHAHAHAHAAHHAAHH
(brianna) : *chokes jared and rips him off* Don't. Touch me.

9:42 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Cameron)

9:42 The Villainous Vulture


9:42 Glenn31

(Amy) : O_O

9:43 BoysCanLikeItToo this is tempoorary yall so chill 9:43 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : You're pretty when you're choking me  (:D)

9:43 TDfan10 k 9:43 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : You're hot when you're getting choked.

9:43 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : Uh oh

9:44 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : Then let's compromise!  (:D)

9:44 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : Whats happening now?

9:44 BoysCanLikeItToo yall 9:44 Glenn31

  • a giant spider appears in front of Cameron*

9:44 BoysCanLikeItToo Scarlettconfesses.png this is brianna's hair right now 9:44 Glenn31 xD 9:44 TrueCobalion

(cameron) : Yikes!
(Cameron) : *runs through the spider and climbs on its butt*

9:45 Glenn31 O_O 9:45 The Villainous Vulture ... Wut? xD 9:45 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : Whoah... *climbing slowly*

9:45 Lettucecow

(cody) ...

9:45 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : The next pussy to get scared of a spider gets one shoved down it's throat.
(zoey) ; Cameron! You can do it! *sniffle*

9:45 Glenn31 Spider: *growls at Cameron* 9:45 Lettucecow

(cody) DON'T DO IT

9:45 Teamdarkfan4 Im scared of spiders (troll) 9:45 Glenn31 WTF is going on with these two tho? xD 9:45 Lettucecow


9:45 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : ! *climbing fast*

9:45 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : HEY CAM! FAIL!

9:45 Lettucecow

(cody) CAM FAIL

9:45 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : *slips* Oh no!

9:45 BoysCanLikeItToo i didnt even realized they basically switched places xD 9:45 The Villainous Vulture


9:45 Glenn31 Spider: *bites Cameron* 9:45 Lettucecow

(cody) yes!

9:46 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : AHHGH
(Cameron) : *having a seizure*

9:46 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Kill him!

9:46 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* what? with antonio and jared and me, I'm screwed if the nuetrals lose.

9:46 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : *foam forms over the mouth*

9:46 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : YES!

9:46 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : Help him! (brianna): Kill him!

9:46 Lettucecow


9:46 Glenn31

(Brianna) :

9:46 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : DIE CAM!  (:D)

9:46 TDfan10 Another spider: *wraps him up in silk* 9:46 Glenn31 ? 9:46 BoysCanLikeItToo ty idk why i didnt work o.o


9:47 Glenn31 Spider: *shits on Cameron's face* 9:47 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : MMFH... MMmmmfh...

9:47 TDfan10 Spider: throws Cameron in web* 9:47 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : Thats awful!

9:47 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : *barfs on the spiders*

9:47 TDfan10 Spider: Ew 9:47 The Villainous Vulture


9:47 Glenn31

(Amy) : Did that just talk?

9:47 TDfan10 Spider: almost bites Cameron* 9:48 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : *barfs into spider's mouth*'

9:48 TDfan10

(izzy) *takes off costume* HAHAHHA!

9:48 Teamdarkfan4 I saw that coming 9:48 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : O.o

9:48 TDfan10

(izzy) HI

9:48 Lettucecow thats originial 9:48 BoysCanLikeItToo FUCKING HURRY UP 9:48 The Villainous Vulture HURRY UP BITCH 9:48 BoysCanLikeItToo


9:48 TDfan10

(izzy) *drops Cameron* I'll see you again! MWHAHAHAHA!

9:48 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 3  (Team Neutral) 2  (Team Villain) 2

9:49 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : Ohh...

9:49 Glenn31

(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands on  (Cody) again*

9:49 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : *lies on the floor*

9:49 BoysCanLikeItToo BRIANNA HASNT FUCKING GONE 9:49 Lettucecow

(cody) Oh yay, what now?

9:49 The Villainous Vulture HURRY I GOTTA GO LEIK SOOn 9:49 Glenn31

(Hijotee) : I'm baaack!

9:49 Lettucecow

(cody) Fine. *puts on blindfold*
(cody) What do I have do

9:50 The Villainous Vulture Dave hasn't gone either 9:50 Glenn31

(Chris) : Hug him again

9:50 Lettucecow

(cody) K. *puts on gasmask and hugs him*

9:50 Glenn31

(Chris) : I've run out of stuff

9:50 TDfan10

(izzy) *watching* Ew

9:50 BoysCanLikeItToo BRIANNA AND DAVE HAVE TO FUCKING GO 9:50 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 2  (Team Neutral) 3  (Team Villain) 2


(CODY) *Conf* *Throwing up*

9:50 BoysCanLikeItToo

  • BoysCanLikeItToo tells him to hurry the fuck up

9:50 The Villainous Vulture LET BRIANNA AND DAVE GO AND HURRY UP 9:51 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 3  (Team Neutral) 3  (Team Villain) 2
(Chris) : *spins the wheel and it lands between  (Brianna) and  (Dave)

9:51 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : uh-oh

9:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : I'm going.

9:51 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : So am I bitch.

9:51 Glenn31

(Chris) : *shows Brianna her reflection*

9:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Is this supposed to be funny, asshole?
(brianna) :

9:52 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Whispers* Pretend to be scared or we lose!

9:52 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : I'm...evil!

9:52 Glenn31

(Chris) :  (You don't say)

9:52 Teamdarkfan4 true words Chris 9:52 The Villainous Vulture


9:52 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *puts her hair back in a ponytail* I AM NOT A VILLAIN! AND I WILL NOT START TODAY! *punches the mirror*

9:52 Lettucecow

(cody) Shit.

9:53 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 3  (Team Neutral) 3  (Team Villain) 3

9:53 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Good.

9:53 Glenn31

(Chris) : *hands Dave a stone* Throw this at Zoey

9:53 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Oh....kay....

9:53 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *sobbing still*

o.o? 9:53 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Throws it at ZOey*

Zoey* 9:53 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : OW! YOU'RE STILL BEING MEAN TO ME?  (twitch)

9:53 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Yup.

9:53 Teamdarkfan4


9:53 Lettucecow

(cody) FUCK! RUN!!!!!!!!! *hides behind a tree*

9:54 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *throws the ice cream on the ground and throws her robe off to reveal her commando clothes*

9:54 Glenn31

(Amy) : *hides behind Scott*

9:54 BoysCanLikeItToo


9:54 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Standing there* Bring. it. on.

9:54 TDfan10

(izzy) And Zoey's angry! I knew she would go commando!

9:54 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Is passed out*

9:54 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *tackles dave and bangs his face agains ta rock*

against a* 9:54 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Ow!

9:55 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 3  (Team Neutral) 3  (Team Villain) 4

9:55 BoysCanLikeItToo

(ZOEY) : *shoves her flower down his throat*

9:55 Lettucecow

(cody) FUCK

9:55 The Villainous Vulture


9:55 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : I'M SITLL GONNA KICK HIS ASS! *chokes him*

9:55 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* Well, I'm screwed.

9:55 Glenn31

(Chris) : Everyone's gone. Villains win

9:55 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : It... was... just... for... the.... point!

9:55 Glenn31

(Chris) : First team to say "I love Chris" comes second!

9:55 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: I love Chris 9:55 Lettucecow

(cody) "I love Chris

9:55 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : *lifts him in a choke hold, then chucks him off the cliff*

9:55 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : I love chris

9:55 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Grabs the ledge and pulls himself up*

9:55 Glenn31

(Chris) : Team Neutral, elimination in 1 hour!

9:55 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : CALM DOWN

9:56 Lettucecow

(cody) wait what?

9:56 TDfan10

(izzy) *conf* Even though I'm not a contestant, I wanna test my survival skills around the island! Living n my own and stuff

9:56 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Runs* ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:56 Lettucecow

(cody) you mean team hero?

9:56 Glenn31

(Chef) : *carries Izzy away*

9:56 TDfan10

(izzy) NOOOOO!

9:56 Glenn31

(Chris) : Yeah, them

9:56 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : Fuck

9:56 Lettucecow

(cody) *conf* THANK GOD!

9:56 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : God dammit

9:56 The Villainous Vulture yes None mah guys goin home 9:56 Glenn31

(Amy) : *shakes Scott* WAKE THE FUCK UP!

9:56 TDfan10

(izzy) kicks Chef and escapes* YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALLLIIIVVVEEE!

9:56 BoysCanLikeItToo im gonna make a pic of evil brianna 9:56 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Wakes up* WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN>!

Anyway I gtg Sooooo 9:57 Glenn31 Bah 9:57 The Villainous Vulture Bai 9:57 TDfan10 Bai (wave) 9:57 The Villainous Vulture No more episodes today, mkay? 9:57 Lettucecow can we do the aftermath D: 9:57 The Villainous Vulture That's fine Anyway Bye Mkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 9:57 Glenn31 No VV in the aftermaths So we can  :D 9:57 Teamdarkfan4 Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 9:57 TDfan10


9:58 Teamdarkfan4 Remember kids , Sexual Harrasment is bad mkay 9:58 BoysCanLikeItToo Scarlettevil.png 9:58 Lettucecow JESUS CHRIST 9:58 BoysCanLikeItToo ik ik 9:58 Teamdarkfan4 Scarlett looks hot when evil (troll) 9:58 BoysCanLikeItToo that's gonna be evil brianna >:D The Villainous Vulture has left, because they don't like anyone here 9:58 Glenn31


Team Hero: Cameron - True Trent - Dapi (OUT) Felix - Lettuce Brianna - Boys Samey - TDfan (OUT) Harold - True Vote in my PM (Brianna isn't a hero)  :P Mike instead of Brianna lulz 10:00 BoysCanLikeItToo dumbass i just shit myself almost 10:00 Glenn31

(Chris) : The marshmallows go to  (Felix)  (Harold)

10:01 Lettucecow

(felix)  (:D)

10:01 Glenn31

(Chris) :  (Mike) , you're on the chopping block for not facing your fear
(Chris) :  (Cameron) , you're on the chopping block for well.... being Cameron
(Chris) : The final marshmallow goes to........
(Chris) :  (Cameron)
(Mike) : What?

10:02 Lettucecow

(felix) It was an intern in a costume with a smoke bomb.
(felix) not mal.

10:02 Glenn31

(Chris) : Goodbye *pushes Mike off the cliff*
(Chris) : 11 remain. Who will be the next to get the boot? Find out next time, on Total
(Chris) : Drama
(Chris) : Island!

10:03 TDfan10

(izzy) ISLAND!!!  (:D)
(izzy) dang

10:03 BoysCanLikeItToo

(zoey) : SHUT UP IZZY

10:03 Lettucecow

(cody) DUN DUN DUN

10:03 TDfan10

(izzy) *runs*

10:03 Glenn31