Hero team

Veteran Geniuses

Eliminated TDI- Episode 15-"Mine Blowing"

RR- Episode 15-"Tro Tro Travel"

Place TDI-11th


Friends Harold, Cameron, Brianna, Cody,Scarlett,Jay,Mickey
Enemies Samey,amy,scott,Dave,Ellody,Mary

Felix is an OC. He is labeled "The Tech Wiz".


Felix is a wonder with machines and can make or fix anything in no time. He also Extremely intelligent and is one of, if not, The smartest contestant. He is very observent, which enables him to see through and recognize most things, He is very delicate, inside and out, as seen in his participation in The Ridonculous Race, where he caught many foreign ailments, and got enough injuries to rival that of Jay and mickey, he is also very easily disgusted. 

Ridonculous Race Episode Appearances

On Your Marks...

Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition

Gypsy Hybrids

The Rocky Roads of Dublin

Berlin Fall

The Soviet Connection

Monk Marathon

The Wrath of Khan

Tag-a' You're It

No Hatikvah

Syrian Steel

No más cárteles

Climbing Khalifa

 Great jäbdänya

Tro Tro Travel (elminated)


  • He serves as the "Pain Magnet" of the RR season.
  • Every season he has participated in so far, he was elminiated in the 15th episode, in "Mine blowing" and Tro Tro Travel.
  • It was insinuated that he was a long lost 3rd brother of Jay and Mickey because of a "Uncle Cletus" Jared rambled about for the majority of the Ridonculous Race season.
  • Since Felix and scarlett were the first of the final 10 to be elminated, they were the first to recieve a elmination interview, as only members of the final 10 got these.