Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship TBA

(TDRT Canon) None

Friends TBA

(TDRT Canon): None

Enemies TBA

(TDRT Canon): Everyone

Roleplayer Vulture

Total Drama Our Way


TDRT Canon

Jason has been the main antagonist of the entire series since the third episode. He is very manipulative, charasmatic and from what we've seen, insane. He is Brianna's brother and has been planning to kill her for what seems to be a long time, though an unknown amount of it. He had Amy as his personal assistant until the end of the third episode, where she betrays him by stabbing him. Faking his death he became the antagonist of the fourth and (though only shown at the end) the fifth. He also made a subtle cameo in the sixth episode, jamming Jared's camera which he was using to spy on the heroes. He also appears to be responsible for the outcomes of the fifth and sixth episodes.


TDRT Canon

  • He's confirmed to be the final antagonist of TDRT
  • He's admitted to killing his father a few years prior to the events of TDRT
  • Jason is actually the split personality of Jay Stalone, who's the complete opposite of Jaso

    Jason as he appears after TDRT VI

  • Jason's goal is confirmed to be killing every living thing (Including himself) in the world