The Twins
Jay Static
Gender Male
Eliminated RR:TBA
Place RR:TBA
Friends Mickey,Felix,Dave,
Enemies Zoey,Bianca,vin,billy

Jay is a contestant in RR, and is paired with his brother, Mickey


Jay seems to be the leader of the pair, and is more coordinated and quick thinking the Mickey, but also seems to have a bit more of a temper compared to his optimistic brother. He is also, like his brother, quick to get frightened, he is also seen as more of a social butterfly then his brother, as seen when he attended the first class party when Mickey didn't, again, unlike his brother he seems to be more annoyed with his bad luck then empowered by it, usually stating pessimistic sayings like "well who didn't see that coming", when he or his brother get injured. Starting in Warsaw Packing, Jay proves to be the duel leader of his alliance with vin and [[billy]], with Vin as the other leader. He is also shown to be fairly competent with scheming, as his quick thinking in Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck, got  Vin and Billy cut from the race in We're Oslo Cold. During the following episodes, he has shown to have several very strategic moves, such as in "Montezuma's Revenge", when he decided to convince both dave and amy him and mickey were on their side, thus elmininating any chance of people against them, and giving the twins a backup alliance when amy and zoey were cut from the race in the same episode.

Episode Appearances

On Your Marks...

[[Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition]]

[[Gypsy Hybrids]]

The Rocky Roads of Dublin

Berlin Fall

The Soviet Connection

Monk Marathon

The Wrath of Khan

Tag-a' You're It

No Hatikvah

Syrian Steel

No más cárteles

Climbing Khalifa

 Great jäbdänya

Tro Tro Travel

Warsaw Packing

Carry Me Careful

Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck

We're Oslo Cold

City of Trite

Papal Panic

Athenian Olympiads

Havoc at the Harbour

Montezuma's Revenge


  • Jay, and his brother Mickey, are the only characters besides leonard to be friends with dave, despite not being an antagonist.
  • Jay and his brother, Mickey, are the only remaining canon RR contestants to make the final 10, with the exception of Emma and Kitty.
  • Mickey and Jay are the pair in RR that has been involved in the most alliances, from Emma's alliance, to Dave's alliance, and were  in an alliance with Vin and Billy, and as of athenian olympiads, are again in an alliance with Dave, and had a short lived alliance with amy in  Montezuma's Revenge.
  • After the events of Papal Panic, Jay and his brother Mickey are honorary members of the italian military after working with the Late Luigi.
  • In Athenian Olympiads, it was the twin's first time coming in 1st place