Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Friends Heather

Leshawna is a competitor on Total Drama Island. She is currently portrayed by TDfan10.


Leshawna is labled The Sister with Tude. She is nice and sassy. She could be mean to the other contestants. That is why she could be a threat.

Total Drama Island

Camp Wawanakwa - Part 1

Leshawna arrives at Wawanakwa. When she goes into the mess hall, her and Heather are friends. Luckily, they were both placed on the Killer Bass.

Camp Wawanakwa - Part 2

She did not jump off the cliff. But she helped her team build the cabin. Her team lost due to Izzy's speed building. At elimination,  she was the 4th person safe. She cheered for Heather when she was in the bottom two. She watched Sadie go to boat of Losers.

Canadian Idol