Team Villain
Atrocious Actors
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDI - Fearful Thinking
Place TDI - 11th
Relationship Bridgette (broken up)

Zoey (broken up)

Friends Cameron, Cody, Bridgette,Brick, Harold, Owen
Enemies Amy, Scott, Beth, Duncan, Sierra, Zoey, Mal
Roleplayer Glenn31

Mike is a character on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. He also competed in the first series.

First Series


Second Series

Total Drama Island

In Return of the Drama, Mike was disappointed that Chris had placed him on the Villains team, since he was expecting Mal to come out. He wondered if Mal was even going to appear this season.

In The Blue Harvest Moon his personality was adjusted so he was like Mal.

Mike did not play a major role in any episodes leading up to his elimination in Fearful Thinking.

Total Drama Action

Mike will return in Total Drama Action, and will be placed on the Atrocious Actors.