Original Characters are characters that are created by users of this wiki.

List of Original Characters

So far, there are 7 approved original characters on this wiki. To add one, please see the section below.

Image Character Name Creator Participation
Pierre Pierre Glenn31 1 Season (retired)
Bianca Bianca BoysCanLikeItToo 2 Seasons
Brianna Brianna 1 Season
Jared Jared The Villainous Vulture 1 Season
Antonio Antonio 1 Season
Felix Felix Lettucecow 1 Season
Vin Vin 2 Seasons
Billy Billy 1 Season 1 Season (retired)

Submitting an Original Character

To submit an OC, a message must be sent to The Founder or one of the active Admins containing the following information:

  • OC's name.
  • Brief description about their personality.
  • A link to an image of the OC. (Can be uploaded to the Wiki)
  • Whether or not you want your OC to be featured in the RP.

If an OC submission is approved, they will be added to the List of Original Characters and, if the creator wants, a place in the next season of the RP. An OC submission will be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Stolen or un-original image (Un-edited Camp TV and Total Drama Reloaded concept designs will not be considered)
  • A personality that is too similar to an already established character.
  • Submitting user has recieved three bans from the wiki.

Please note that OCs are the sole property of their creator, meaning that unless written permission is given, only they may sign up for their OCs in roleplay, or edit their pages. Using an OC or editing their page without permission will result in a warning. A second offence will result in a ban.