Team Villain
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI- Rebuilding Wawanakwa
Place TDI - 3rd
Relationship Zoey (Broken up)


Friends Dawn, Jo, Owen, Cameron, Trent, Alejandro, Mal, Cody, Amy, Ezekiel (Rivals)
Enemies Duncan, Noah, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Dave, Samey
Roleplayer Vulture

Scott is a contestant who was originally introduced in Total Drama Island in the first season. He is a major antagonist who typically makes it far in the game.

First Series

Total Drama Action

Scott was the main rival of Zoey, being one of the only people who knew she was evil. That was the case until he talked to her and admitted that he liked her, though as a friend and started giving her advice to stay in the game. Later, he started hitting on Zoey as he had devoloped feelings for her. When Zoey was eliminated, he told Zoey that it was Duncan that betrayed her. And after Zoey was eliminated, Scott's long lasting friendship with Duncan ended. Also, Alejandro seems to be the voice of his consciousness, most likely because they formed an alliance and friendship before Al was eliminated. Scott is dating Zoey after calling her using Courtney's PDA, which he seems to be keeping because he took it right before Courtney was eliminated. Scott was later eliminated by Mike (aka Mal) due to making fun of him. Despite that, Scott rooted for Mike in the finale. In the TDA Special Scott made it into season 3 and won the challenge, giving him an immunity idol and $10,000

Total Drama World Tour

Scott was introduced, still being Zoey's love interest and still with a dislike toward Duncan. He was sad when Zoey was eliminated. When he notices Gwen and Zeke starting to date, he quickly sets up an alliance with most of his team to get rid of Gwen, which he accomplishes. He also tells Heather that even though he doesn't trust her, he likes Bridgette, because she reminds him of Zoey. When Zoey returned he was happy, but was also sad because she wasn't put on the Peeps team. In Egyptian Ego, Scott was being nice to Zoey, and everyone thought he was throwing challenges when he wasn't, and later rigged the votes for Heather to be eliminated. After the merge, he made alliances with many players, like Jo, Owen and Izzy for a while. He made it to the finale with Dawn.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Scott was introduced, and once again on a different team as Zoey. He quickly made lots alliances and was planning with Mal, turning him into Mal's only real friend. He seems to have forgiven Duncan a bit, though still considers him a enemy. Scott was one of the only people to not be targeted when everyone with immunity turned on each other. In this season, Heather started showing an attraction towards Scott, which he really disliked. He had immunity all the way until he was eliminated, so he was able to rejoin, make it to the finale and win the season.

Total Drama All-Stars

In this season, Duncan and Scott become friends again, not realizing Duncan was manipulating him. His conflict with Mike grew due to the fact that he began having feelings for Zoey. Duncan eventually put stress on Scott and Zoey's relationship so Mike could break them up, which he succeeded in. Scott then turned into "a real villain" and became more troublesome and manipulative. Though got over it quickly. Despite still liking Zoey he entered the alliance to vote her off. He later got 4th place in the season. He later rooted for Evil Cody and Zoey in the finale.

Second Series

Total Drama Island

Scott is still antagonist, shown by how he treats people in this season. He is on the Villain's team and still mainly mean and sarcastic. He still shows distain for most people, aside from those he already considers friends. It was revealed he has a small crush on Amy, though he denies it being very big.