Disgraceful Directors

The Odd Couple

Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Eliminated RR:TBA
Place RR:TBA
Friends Dave, Owen, Billy, Vin
Enemies Emma
Roleplayer Lettucecow

Skipp is an OC that will appears in Total Drama RR,and is paired with Dave.


Skipp is rarely seen smiling or expressing positive emotions, being almost constantly on the verge of outright panic. He is usually seen gritting his teeth or generally flipping out. He also appears to be easily manipulated, making him a frequent pawn of vin's plots. He has an energy drink addiction, which causes high anxiety, paranoia and jittery muscle spasms. Skipp does not fare well under stress, often experiencing feelings of extreme anxiety whenever he is given a task to complete. This, in addition to his general forgetfulness and lack of focus, has given him the reputation of being highly unreliable. Apart from being easily excitable and prone to panicking, Skipp has also shown signs of exaggerated paranoia, often dreaming up the worst outcome to every problem, some of which are so exaggerated, that they are completely impossible, this paranoia forms in his frequent worrying about "Alien Dolphins from the Future". He works as a pair with Dave in the Ridonculous Race, while they initally don't work good together, dave eventully warms up to skipp in Berlin Fall, and they become a very good team, even outbeating emma and kitty most of the time, when crashing from drinking too many energy drinks, he seems to revert to a hippie-like state.

Ridonculous Race Episode Appearances

On Your Marks...

Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition

Gypsy Hybrids

The Rocky Roads of Dublin

Berlin Fall

The Soviet Connection

Monk Marathon

The Wrath of Khan

Tag-a' You're It

No Hatikvah

Syrian Steel

No más cárteles

Climbing Khalifa

 Great jäbdänya

Tro Tro Travel

Warsaw Packing

Carry Me Careful

Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck

We're Oslo Cold

City of Trite

Papal Panic

Athenian Olympiads

Havoc at the Harbour

Montezuma's Revenge


  • Skipp is the 2nd person that dave initally found annoying, but then ended up bonding with. The first was leonard.
  • When consuming too many energy drinks, skipp has been seen to revert to a hippie state, wether this is an alter ego, or skipp's non-hyper self is yet to be revealed, as this has only been seen in The Soviet Connection ,Carry Me Careful ,Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck, and We're Oslo Cold. He appears to be delusional and self-named "Santiago".