Glenn31 No

(stop) PLEASE DO NOT TALK  (stop)

6:58 TDfan10 GLENN 6:58 Glenn31 TDFAN YOU LIKE TALKED TDfan10 has been kicked by Glenn31. Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 6:59 BoysCanLikeItToo My nigga but hurry up 6:59 Glenn31 AFTERMATH!

(music) Aftermath intro  (music)

7:00 TDfan10 oh 7:00 The Villainous Vulture Oh I forgot aboot that TDfan10 has been kicked by BoysCanLikeItToo. Welcome to the chat, TDfan10 7:00 BoysCanLikeItToo Nigga talk less 7:00 Glenn31 SHHHH Like Fuck 7:01 BoysCanLikeItToo OHMIGOD hurry up 7:01 Glenn31 BITCH YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH d:

(stop) PLEASE DO NOT TALK  (stop)

7:01 The Villainous Vulture xD Fuck. 7:01 Glenn31

(music) Aftermath intro  (music)

The Villainous Vulture has been banned by BoysCanLikeItToo (undo). BoysCanLikeItToo has ended the Chat ban for The Villainous Vulture. Welcome to the chat, The Villainous Vulture 7:02 Glenn31

(Topher) : Welcome to the Total Drama Aftermath, I'm Topher, you're host!
(Dakota) : And I'm Dakota, the other host...
(Topher) : Oh yeah.. you
(Dakota) : Me....
(Topher) : Anyway, we've good a long line of guests for tonight
(Topher) : They even let Bianca out of prison for a bit! Amazing, right?
(Dakota) : Our first guest is our first gone: Noah!

Someone be Noah 7:04 TDfan10

(noah) Whatever
(noah) I don't even know why I signed up

7:04 Glenn31

(Topher) : So... sad to be out so early?

7:05 TDfan10

(noah) Not really.

7:05 Glenn31

(Dakota) : Who do you want to win?

7:05 TDfan10

(noah) Hmm...None of my teammates....

7:05 Glenn31

(Topher) : Any ideas on who you want to go next?

7:05 BoysCanLikeItToo Dick 7:05 TDfan10

(noah) I guess that Jared dude, he seems normal  :P

7:05 Glenn31

(Dakota) : Very... -_-

7:05 TDfan10

(noah) I want Amy out

7:05 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : *Crashes through the wall* WHOOO!

7:06 Glenn31

(Topher) : SECURITY!

7:06 The Villainous Vulture


7:06 Glenn31 Security: *teleports Jared back to Wawanakwa* 7:06 TDfan10

(noah) Oh my...nevermind...I don't care who wins

7:06 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : Fu- *Le teleported*

7:06 Glenn31

(Topher) : *quickly pushes Noah off stage* Next up, we have Trent!

True, be Trent! 7:07 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Heyo

7:07 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Trent) : man niggas

oh 7:07 Glenn31 Boys, no 7:07 The Villainous Vulture -_-

  • The Villainous Vulture claps for Boys

Moron 7:07 Glenn31

(Topher) : Trent, second out. Bummer
(Dakota) : How does it feel?

7:08 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Pretty humiliating

7:08 Glenn31

(Topher) : Who do you think should win?

7:08 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : It depends

7:09 Glenn31

(Topher) : I think Amy's a worthy contender
(Dakota) : What about Vin?
  • audience laughs*

7:09 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : I dunno, he might not last longer...

7:10 Glenn31

(Topher) : How did you end up in that cave with Brianna anyway?

7:10 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : I have no clue

7:11 Glenn31

(Dakota) : That's worrying

7:11 BoysCanLikeItToo ^ 7:11 Glenn31

(Topher) : Who do you want to go home next?

7:11 The Villainous Vulture brb 7:11 Glenn31 K 7:11 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : I dunno

Agh Brb 7:11 The Villainous Vulture In a few minutes -_- 7:11 Glenn31 No worries

(Topher) : Alright, our next guest, fresh out of prison, It's Bianca!
  • all of the audience hide behind their chairs*

Police man: *pulls Bianca on stage wearing a straitjacket* 7:12 TDfan10 there's a peanut gallery, right? 7:12 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : "escorted in with chains"

k then 7:13 Glenn31

(Topher) : Hey there Bianca. Sup?

7:13 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : let me. Go! I can chew through bone ya know!
(Bianca) : what's up is your dick
(Bianca) : put that boner somewhere else.

7:13 Glenn31

(Topher) : O_O *Runs off stage for a sec*
(Dakota) : So, how does it feel to be eliminated?

7:14 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : how about you tell me how that cheap wig feels?
(Bianca) : I'm sure we both feel the same.

7:15 Glenn31

(Dakota) : *feeling her hair* Um... moving on
(Topher) : *walks back on stage with chains around his crotch* Who do you want to win?

7:15 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : easy. Harold.

7:15 Glenn31

(Topher) and  (Dakota) : Harold!?

7:15 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : yeah. He'd be easy to steal the money from a day later.

7:16 Glenn31

(Dakota) : -_-
(Topher) :  :I
(Topher) : Who do you want to go home next?

7:16 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : Scott. He's an ass and he's too much competition. Because we all know I'm returning.

7:16 Glenn31

(Topher) : Yeah...

7:16 TDfan10

(sugar) in peanut gallery* How was I not accepted into the pageant! *kicks*

7:17 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : "looks at camera" RIGHT, CHRIS? "Slightly snapping jacket"

7:17 Glenn31

(Topher) : Chris is already worried about Pierre's dad killing him. He doesn't need you prowling around the island
(Dakota) : what are you in prison for anyway?

7:17 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : "looks at topher" your chains broke.
(Bianca) : if I told you I'd have to kill you.

7:18 Glenn31

(Topher) : I don't care
(Dakota) : But you can't kill me

7:18 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : and I'm not in prisone..


(Bianca) : I WAS in prison...

7:18 Glenn31

(Topher) : You're only out to attend the Aftermath

Police man: You're due back in 10 minutes 7:18 TDfan10


7:18 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : "snaps jacket" But I just escaped! "Runs through the crowd and vanishes"

7:19 Glenn31

(Topher) : O_O

7:19 TDfan10

(sugar) There she all the other competitors...when they know I'm gonna win...

7:19 BoysCanLikeItToo "Miniature explosion goes within the crowd followed by laughter as Bianca is nowhere to be found" 7:19 Glenn31 Everyone: Shut up Sugar!

(Topher) : *sprinkles go off* My hair!
(Dakota) : MY hair!

7:20 BoysCanLikeItToo Her wig should fall off js 7:20 Glenn31 It ain't a wig bitch 7:20 BoysCanLikeItToo 😏😏😏 7:20 Glenn31

(Topher) : Our next guest is the gorgeous Pierre
(Pierre) : *walks on stage French-ly* Bonjour, mon amis
(Lindsay) : What did he say? I don't understand Russian
(Topher) : How does it feel to be eliminated

7:22 BoysCanLikeItToo Her brain is in her fat tits isn't it 7:22 Glenn31

(Pierre) : It feels very upsetting. Especially since I had to part with the beautiful Bianca just the day before
(Topher) : We all know your thing with Bianca was fake
(Pierre) : You do? Thank goodness. Honestly, I think she looks like a troll
(Topher) : O_O
(Dakota) : She's here....

7:22 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : "screaming out of sight" ILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU YA FRENCH FUCK

7:22 Glenn31

(Pierre) :  (Derp)
(Topher) : Who do you want to win?
(Pierre) : Either Scott or Amy. Both are good competitors with a good chance of winning. I'd enjoy seeing them in the final 2
(Dakota) : Who do you want to go home next?
(Pierre) : I'd have to say Billy. To be honest, I don't know how he's still in the game
(Topher) : Team Villain are an unstoppable force. If they actually lost a challenge, Billy'd be long gone by now

7:24 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : he swotched

Fuck he switched 7:25 Lettucecow glenn made a mistake, hes getting switched back next episode. 7:25 Glenn31

(Dakota) : But now that he's on Team Neutral, the cursed team, there's a chance he'll be going home next

Am I? 7:25 The Villainous Vulture back 7:25 TDfan10

(sugar) My Mama said, "If you eat cheese more than you drink, you have no soul!"

7:25 Lettucecow Yes, his whole plotline revolved about team villian 7:25 BoysCanLikeItToo oh my god sugar needs to stfu i mean what just what 7:26 Glenn31

(Pierre) : It's true, Team Neutral are definitely going to lose the next challenge. Billy or no
(Lindsay) : I thought it was gingers had no soul
(Rodney) :  >:/

7:26 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : *drops from the ceiling and chokes Pierre*

7:26 Glenn31

(Pierre) : *dies from fright*
(Topher) : ...

7:26 BoysCanLikeItToo


7:26 Glenn31

(Dakota) : Did he just....

7:26 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : oh hold on

7:26 Glenn31

(Topher) : Medic....?

7:27 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : *steps on his chest and jump starts his heart*

7:27 The Villainous Vulture

(medic) : Da?

7:27 Glenn31

(Medic) : *walks out Germanly and looks at Pierre for a minute* Ze doonkoof is dead

oh 7:27 BoysCanLikeItToo Derp 7:27 Glenn31 You done the same thing 7:27 The Villainous Vulture

(Medic) : Ze Doonkoof iz dead

7:27 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : Welp, I tried

7:28 The Villainous Vulture

(Medic) : Zat is my professional opinion.

7:28 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : maybe I should stay here and host with you guys!

7:28 Glenn31

(Topher) : NO!
(Dakota) : LEAVE! PLEASE!

Security Guard: *tackles Bianca and puts her in a metal straitjacket* 7:28 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : fine. I made a little house just above your heads anyways
(Bianca) : GRAGH! *bites his eye out*

7:28 Glenn31

(Topher) : *looks up*  :/

7:29 TDfan10

(sugar) This pageant is very meaningless. There's no pretty person in there!

7:29 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Bianca) : *begins gnawing through the metal* I'll be through this in what, five, ten minutes?

7:29 Glenn31

(Topher) : And that concludes our show.... goodnight everybody!
(Dakota) : See you next time  :)