(stop) PLEASE DO NOT TALK  (stop)
(Chris) : Last time on Total Drama Island
(Chris) : Three campers participated in a race around the island. Team Villain tapped into Billy's cheese obsession, but unfortunately, Billy tapped into his brain (for once)
(Chris) : In the end, Team Villain FINALLY lost a challenge and sent poor Billy home
(Chris) : But, in a shocking twist, Vin was also disqualified for messing with my script
(Chris) : Who will go next
(Chris) : Who will hurt next?
(Chris) : Will Amy and Scott hook up in this episode? Probably not
(Chris) : But find out the answers to the other questions tonight, on Total
(Chris) : Drama
(Chris) : Island!
(music) Intro  (music)
(stop) You may talk  (STOP)

2:31 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Well yesterday sucked harder than usual.

2:31 TDfan10

(samey) *mumbling to herself* Not thinking I'm smart, huh. Well I'll show them...

2:31 Glenn31

(Amy) : At least Vin's gone

2:32 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : What a messed up day

2:32 Glenn31

(Amy) : Isn't that good enough?

2:32 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : It's super good  :D

2:32 TDfan10

(samey) *goes out for food and brings back berries*

2:32 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : I pushed him off a cliff  :D

2:32 TDfan10

(samey) *hands out berries to Team Hero and Team Neutral* Here you go!

2:32 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* Now that Vin's out of the way, it's time for me to kick in. This season is mine. The first person that has to go is Dave. He beat me to the million last time and it won't happen again!

2:32 The Villainous Vulture


2:33 Glenn31

(Mike) : Hey Samey, did you get us some berries?

2:33 TDfan10

(samey) Sorry, you guys think I'm not all that smart. *gives Mike one berry* But your nice!

2:33 Glenn31

(Mike) : Thanks
(Amy) : Hey! I want berries. Give me some berries!

2:33 TDfan10

(samey) Sorry, I'm out

2:34 Glenn31

(Amy) : Hmpf

2:34 TDfan10

(samey) *eats remaining berries*

2:34 Glenn31

(Amy) : *puts her arm around Dave* Hey there buddy, what's crackin'?

2:34 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *places berries on a plate and puts it in front of Villain's door*

2:34 TDfan10

(samey) *takes berries away from door*

2:34 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Fuck off.

2:34 Glenn31

(Amy) : Aw come on, I just wanted to say Hi
(Amy) : And I wanted to apologize, about the finale last time

2:35 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Well now you have, good day.

2:35 Glenn31

(Amy) : Wait
(Amy) : I thought I should let you know that I still maybe kinda sorta might like you

2:35 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* Amy is so mean. "Berries? Gimme gimme!" *imitates* Ugh.

2:36 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Yea, that's great, bye!

2:36 Glenn31

(Amy) : *Conf* This is gonna be harder than I thought

2:36 TDfan10

(samey) *finds an egg* Oh, I'll give this to the villains! >:)
(samey) Hey villains! I got you an egg!

2:37 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I'll pass

2:37 Glenn31

(Mike) : Hey, thanks Amy

2:37 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I found some barries earlier

2:37 TDfan10

(samey) *drops it* Whoops

2:37 Glenn31

(Amy) : Ugh Samey. You're such a clutz. *picks up half the egg and dumps the stuff inside all over Samey* Lamey

2:38 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* I don't like being mean. I just have no respect. The only nice villain is Mike and he's kinda cute but...I just don't know if I can do t his.

2:39 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : You're all idiots.

2:39 Glenn31

(Chris) : *on loudspeaker* All contestants, please report to the Chriseseum!

2:39 TDfan10


2:39 Glenn31

(Amy) : *sarcastic* What a wonderful name *walks*

2:39 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : AWhat?

2:39 Glenn31

(Amy) : O_O
(Amy) : You beg my pardon?

2:39 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *runs to what ever that place is*

2:39 Glenn31

(Zoey) : Oh, shit's getting real

2:39 TDfan10

(samey) *glares and walks away to the Chrisaseum*

2:39 Glenn31

(Amy) : Don't you DARE walk away from me, Samey!
(Amy) : If you EVER speak to me like that again, you are so OFF the cheer squad when we get home

2:40 TDfan10

(samey) I
(samey) DONT
(samey) GIVE
(samey) A
(samey) F***

2:41 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : ???

2:41 Glenn31

(Amy) :  D:

2:41 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* That felt good

2:41 Glenn31

(Amy) : O-oh yeah!? Well, from now on.. instead of Samey, I'm going to call you... Spare Me! Hah! Yeah, because you're just the spare me! Man, I am good *walks away*

2:41 TDfan10

(samey) is still walking away*
(samey) *conf* Lame jokes

2:42 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Conf* Worst insult ever.

2:42 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* Spare Me. Heh heh, I am so changing her birth certificate when we get home

2:42 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : What a weird conflict

2:42 Glenn31

(Chris) : *wearing a toga* Welcome to the Chrisaseum!
(Amy) :  (sick)

2:43 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Put on some clothes, please.

2:43 Glenn31

(Amy) : ^

2:43 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* I don't care anymore! Amy's real name is Amanda, Amy for short. And my name is Samantha, Sammy. But I'm SAMEY! I AM SAMMY!! *screams*

2:44 Glenn31

(Amy) : *looks at Samey twitching* Aww, you ok Spare Me? Heh heh, you look upset

2:44 TDfan10

(samey) Lemme guess, physical challenge

2:44 Glenn31

(Chris) : Not just any physical challenge, other Amy

2:44 TDfan10

(samey) *slaps Amy and flips her off*

2:44 Glenn31

(Amy) : Hah!
(Amy) : Ow!

2:44 TDfan10

(samey) IT'S SAMMY!

2:44 Glenn31

(Amy) : Yeah, whatever Samey

Welcome to the chat, BoysCanLikeItToo 2:44 TrueCobalion BOYS 2:44 TDfan10 BOYS 2:44 Glenn31 Bitch 2:45 BoysCanLikeItToo Um damn 2:45 The Villainous Vulture BOYS- oh Glenn broke the train 2:45 BoysCanLikeItToo i had to get a new cast 2:45 Glenn31

(Chris) : This... is the CHRISLYMPICS!
(Amy) : Does your name have to be in everything?

2:45 BoysCanLikeItToo Yeah yeah just tell me what were doing 2:45 Glenn31 Chris kind of just said it 2:45 TDfan10 RP 2:45 Glenn31 and Samey's being a whore as usual (troll) 2:45 BoysCanLikeItToo what do you do in the chroslympics dumbass 2:45 TDfan10


2:45 BoysCanLikeItToo that damn samey 2:46 Glenn31 Spare Me* 2:46 TDfan10 Shut up and continue 2:46 Glenn31

(Chris) : You'll be doing a long line of Olympic sports, the ones the actual athletes aren't allowed do

2:46 BoysCanLikeItToo Ruude give me patience considering I'm on ipad 2:46 TDfan10 Not u Boys 2:46 BoysCanLikeItToo Aah: 2:46 Glenn31

(Amy) : Yeah yeah, If we weren't cartoon characters we'd die. Can you get on with it?

2:47 BoysCanLikeItToo then feel free someone sub as Zoey because I just can't do both on this ipad 2:47 Glenn31 I will 2:47 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : Fourth wall much?

oh god 2:47 The Villainous Vulture I'll be Zoey (Die) 2:47 Glenn31

(Chris) : The first team to complete a total of five sports wins

2:47 BoysCanLikeItToo GLENN GLENN IS ZOEY 2:47 Glenn31 DAVID Ok 2:47 BoysCanLikeItToo I'll shoot you 2:47 Glenn31


2:48 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : I can do them

2:48 TDfan10

(samey) Okay...doesn't seem hard...

2:48 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Let's just do this

2:48 Glenn31

(Chris) : The first Chrislympic sport, carrying Chef Hatchet across a tightrope, over a pool, filled with sharks
(Chef) : O_O

2:48 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : I'm excited! Team Neutral!
(Brianna) : were screwed

2:48 TDfan10

(samey) Team Hero

2:49 BoysCanLikeItToo


hero* 2:49 The Villainous Vulture Wait Oh mkay Antonio: I'll go for Team Neutral 2:49 Glenn31

(Chris) : If you drop Chef, you cannot start again and must moved on

2:49 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : He's heavy, but I can try

2:49 Glenn31

(Amy) : Dave should go for us, because he's so strong and handsome and stuff

2:49 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : 0.0

2:49 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Heh, no.

2:49 Glenn31

(Amy) : What? It's true

2:49 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : I can go for us.

2:49 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Rips Mike's shirt of* Go Vito!

2:50 Glenn31

(Vito) : Heyo! Don't touch the Vito, Farmer's Tan!

2:50 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : "looks at mike" the flatness

2:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Just carry the fatass Chef!

2:50 Glenn31

(Vito) : Yeah yeah, whatever ya say
(Chris) : Team Hero will go first

2:50 TDfan10

(samey) Umm...Brianna?

2:50 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *lifts chef*

2:50 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : who's going for us?

2:50 Glenn31

(Chef) : I never agreed to this

2:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : girl please

2:51 Glenn31

(Amy) : Well, Team Hero are screwed

2:51 TDfan10

(samey) Shut it Amy

2:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : I'll do tot for us

it 2:51 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *closes eyes and walks on the tightrope*

2:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) :Harold..just stop. Please

2:51 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : I got this...

2:51 Glenn31

(Amy) : I can speak my mind, Spare Me.

2:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : oh my

2:51 TDfan10

(samey) okay...

2:51 Glenn31

(Chef) : *shitting bricks*

2:51 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *walking past the sharks

2:51 Glenn31

(Fang) : *waves at Chef*

2:51 The Villainous Vulture


2:51 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) :"Cleveland voice" ooh..that's nasty

2:52 The Villainous Vulture ^ xDDDDD 2:52 BoysCanLikeItToo XD but who's icon is that supposed to be 2:52 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *walking across the rope*

2:52 Glenn31

(Amy) : *shakes one of the poles* COME ON HAROLD,

Fang 2:52 BoysCanLikeItToo Aah

(Brianna) : "throws a rock at Amy"

2:52 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : *makes it to the end* I think I did it

2:52 Glenn31

(Chef) : *harold starts shaking* If you drop me string bean, you're comin' down with me!

2:52 TDfan10

(samey) *pushes Amy*

2:52 Glenn31

(Chef) :  (:D)
(Amy) : Don't
(Amy) : Touch
(Amy) : Me
(Amy) : Spare Me!

2:53 BoysCanLikeItToo Re you allergic to gorgeous Are 2:53 TDfan10

(samey) Oh well. You're not in charge anymore so...I can do what I want

2:53 BoysCanLikeItToo that would explain alot 2:53 Glenn31

(Team Hero) - 1

2:53 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: I suppose it's my turn now 2:53 Glenn31

(Chris) : Team Neutral, you're up
(Chef) : Again!?

2:53 TDfan10

(samey) Negative?

2:54 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Slings Chef over his shoulder* Let's go. 2:54 TDfan10

(samey) How did we get negative 1?

2:54 Glenn31

(Chef) : *is more scared of Antonio than he is of falling*

It's not negative It's a dash 2:54 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Walking calmly* This is easy.

(Scott) : *Chucks a rock at Antonio*

2:54 Glenn31

(Amy) : Like that'll work

2:54 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Catches the rock in one hand and chucks it back* 2:55 Glenn31

(Amy) : O_O *ducks*

2:55 TDfan10

(samey) *slingshots a pebble and Scott's head*

2:55 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Gets hit* OW!
(Scott) : *Gets hit again* OW!

2:55 Glenn31

(Amy) : Nice shot! *sees it's Samey* Ew, what a horrible shot, Spare Me!

2:55 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : "shoots a blow dart into Sameys arm"

2:55 TDfan10

(samey) AH

2:55 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Makes it across* There we are Chef 2:55 TDfan10

(samey) *falls*

2:55 BoysCanLikeItToo If this Bish says spare me one more time 2:55 Glenn31

(Chef) : Thank you...
(Chris) : Vito, you're up

2:56 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Slaps Chef's back gently* No problem 2:56 TDfan10

(samey) *groans* Zoey...gonna...*starts sticking up middle finger but fails*

2:56 Glenn31

(Vito) : Heyo, watch the Vito work his magic *lifts up Chef with one hand* Let's go!

2:56 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : hero my ass.

2:56 TDfan10

(samey) *is up and pulls out knife*  (die)

2:56 Glenn31 O_O 2:56 TDfan10

(samey) *cuts tightrope*

2:56 Glenn31 Hold the fuck up HOLD THE FUCK UP 2:56 BoysCanLikeItToo Oh my god 2:57 Glenn31 Just no Can we not? 2:57 BoysCanLikeItToo ^ 2:57 TDfan10

(samey) *drops knife instead of cutting*

2:57 Glenn31

(Vito) : *kicks the knife out of Samey's hand* Step aside, other Amy

2:57 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : "picks up knife) I'm taking this back to the kitchen  (die)

2:57 TDfan10

(samey) That's it! *jumps at Vito*

2:58 Glenn31

(Vito) : WOAH!
(Vito) : *drops Chef*
(Chef) : AAAAAAAH!

2:58 TDfan10

(samey) *slaps Vito*

2:58 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : YOU DUMBASS!

2:58 Glenn31


2:58 TDfan10

(samey) I AM NOT THE OTHER AMY! *slaps him each word*

2:58 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : well he's already dropped him. "Throws rocks at Vito till he falls"

2:59 Glenn31

(Vito) : *falls into the pool*

2:59 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : samey..please relax..

2:59 TDfan10

(samey) *walks off rope*

2:59 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 1  (Team Neutral) 1  (Team Villain) 0
(Amy) : We're losing.. again...

2:59 TDfan10

(samey) *faints* Oh

2:59 The Villainous Vulture


Antonio: Pardon? 2:59 Glenn31

(Chester) : Dagnabit! These here sharks are bothering me! *punches a shark in the nose* Get away from me!

3:00 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : Scott,he got tackled. Maybe you should've done it, you ass.

3:00 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* I like Mike, not Vito. I am not the other Amy or Spare Me or Samey. I'M SAMMY

3:00 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Still.

3:00 Glenn31

(Chris) : The next challenge is

3:00 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Maybe you shouldn't be on my team! Ever think of that?

3:00 TDfan10

(samey) *gets up*

3:00 BoysCanLikeItToo I thought she liked scott 3:00 Glenn31 That's Samey Amy likes Scott  :/ 3:00 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : maybe I should've never dated you! Humph.

but so does samey 3:01 Glenn31 No she doesn't... 3:01 TDfan10 eh 3:01 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I WISH YOU DIDN'T!

3:01 TDfan10 just an attraction not like 3:01 BoysCanLikeItToo

(derp) she's a slut doe

3:01 The Villainous Vulture xD Zoey is biggest whore 3:01 Glenn31

(Chris) : The high dive!

3:01 TDfan10 Now this is to you, Shut up and continue 3:01 BoysCanLikeItToo Eh 3:01 TDfan10

(samey) High dive?

3:01 BoysCanLikeItToo i like talking though 3:02 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : This is very high...

3:02 Glenn31

(Chris) : From the top of that diving board *points to a diving board that's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally high up*
(Chris) : If you land in the safe zone, your team gets a point. Pick a diver
(Mike) : I'll go for us
(Mike) : *changes to Svetlana*

3:02 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : No way! I'm going!

3:02 TDfan10

(samey) Mike you already went

3:03 Glenn31

(Svetlana) : But Svetlana didn't! *leaps up to the diving board*

3:03 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : Can I go?

3:03 TDfan10

(samey) Felix? Harold?

3:03 Glenn31

(Felix) : I'm allergic to heights

3:03 TDfan10

(samey) Okay, Brianna

3:03 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : mike, you aren't fucking this up again

3:03 The Villainous Vulture


3:03 Glenn31

(Svetlana) : Svetlana is olympic champion, she never fails!

3:03 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : I will literally rip your dick off and stretch it Putin I can choke you with it

3:03 Glenn31 Putin? 3:04 BoysCanLikeItToo Until 3:04 Glenn31 xD 3:04 BoysCanLikeItToo nigga autocorrect don't fhuck with me 3:04 Glenn31 Watever

(Chris) : Heroes, Neutrals, who's going for you?

3:04 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : I'LL GO!  :D  

3:04 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) :I'm goong

Going fuck this ipad 3:04 The Villainous Vulture goong xD 3:05 Glenn31

(Amy) : Don't mess this up, Mike
(Svetlana) : Svetlana never fails!

3:05 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : good luck mike!

3:05 The Villainous Vulture


3:05 Glenn31

(Chris) : Heroes first. Go!

3:05 TDfan10

(samey) Svetlana, there's a gymnast trophy outside of the safe zone

3:06 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) :'"jumps in" EEEK

Welcome to the chat, Coolboy87 3:06 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "about to land out of safe zone but gets caught I rock"

on 3:06 Glenn31

(Chris) : Ooooh

3:06 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Heh heh

3:06 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "bathing suit rips from being swung and lands in the safe zone"

3:07 Glenn31

(Amy) : O_O
(Chris) : O_O

3:07 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : MY EYES!

3:07 Glenn31

(Svetlana) :  (blush)

3:07 TDfan10

(samey) *brings Brianna a towel*

3:07 Glenn31

(Chris) : Next up is Jared!
(Mal) : *trips up Jared before he dives*

3:07 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "takes" thanks samey. EEEEEk "runs to bathroom"

3:07 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : *Barfs*

3:07 BoysCanLikeItToo Smh svetlana is thirdty thirsty 3:07 The Villainous Vulture

(jared) : *Jumps over his leg* NOPE!

3:07 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : I saw tits  D:

3:08 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : *Jumps in*

3:08 Glenn31 She has a dick, of course she's a lesbian xD 3:08 BoysCanLikeItToo I knew cam was gay 3:08 The Villainous Vulture


3:08 BoysCanLikeItToo what boy cries over tits 3:08 Glenn31

(Mal) : Dammit

3:08 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : *Does a pencil dive into the safe zone*

3:08 Glenn31

(Svetlana) : Vat just happened? I feel weird
(Chris) : Jared is safe!
(Team Neutral) 2

3:09 TDfan10

(samey) Svetlana, there's a trophy outside the safe zone

3:09 Glenn31

(Chris) : Next up is Team Villain
(Svetlana) : *does the most graceful swan dive ever*

3:09 TDfan10

(samey) *throws rock at Svetlana*

3:09 Glenn31

(Svetlana) : *moves so the rock doesn't hit her*
(Svetlana) : *hits the safe zone* Yay!

3:09 TDfan10

(samey) Oh well

3:10 Glenn31

(Amy) : did she just do that?

3:10 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Good one

3:10 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 1  (Team Neutral) 2  (Team Villain) 1
(Chris) : Team Neutral, winning?
(Amy) : O_O

3:11 The Villainous Vulture

(jared) : YEY!

3:11 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : :O this is great!

Fuck shes a hero 3:11 Glenn31 xD 3:11 BoysCanLikeItToo nvm 3:11 TDfan10

(samey) I thought Brianna hit the safe zone

3:11 BoysCanLikeItToo dammit david

(Brianna) : I did.

3:11 Glenn31

(Chris) : She hit a rock and lost her clothes, Spare Amy

3:12 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : but I still landed!

3:12 Glenn31

(Amy) : Like, get it right Sammy *covers her mouth* Did I just say that?

3:12 TDfan10

(samey) GAAHH! *rips Chris' wig off*

3:12 Glenn31

(Chris) :  D:
(Amy) : 0-0

3:12 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) :  D: so much dandruff

3:12 TrueCobalion

(Harold) : O.o

3:12 TDfan10

(samey) I'm really mad
(samey) *sits down*

3:13 Glenn31

(Chris) : *puts his wig back on* That never happened
(Amy) : Fine by me

3:13 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* I have to make it up for my team by winning a mini-challenge

3:14 Glenn31

(Chris) : The next challenge is... what's the name of that sport where you jump with a stick? Anyone?

3:14 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Pole Vaulting?

3:14 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : there's like eighty sports with that theme

3:14 TDfan10

(samey) Pole vault!

3:14 Glenn31

(Chris) : Pole vaulting! Thanks for that Amy
(Amy) : You're welcome :3

3:14 TDfan10

(samey) SAMMY

3:14 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I said it first moron!

3:14 Glenn31

(Chris) : Fine, Scott said it before Amy did

3:15 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : A, that's samey. And b, Scott said it.

3:15 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Thank you.

3:15 TDfan10

(samey) Sammy

3:15 Glenn31

(Chris) : Uh oh, you just called her Samey

3:15 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "rolls eyes"

3:15 TDfan10

(samey) I'll do it...

3:15 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : :o

3:15 Glenn31

(Chris) : Anyway, you'll be pole vaulting over a pool of toxic waste

3:15 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I'm going.

3:15 TDfan10

(samey) Definately

3:15 Glenn31

(Chris) : If you screw up, you'll be screwed up

3:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Looks at Samey* Don't even think about messing with my turn, Samey.

3:16 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "conf" Chris really favors Amy over Samey--SAMMY! Over Sammy! Heh heh..

3:16 Glenn31

(Amy) : Scott, let me go!

3:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I'm not even near you!

3:16 Glenn31

(Amy) : -_-
(Amy) : Let me go for the challenge

3:16 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* My dad secretly took me to gymnastics behind Amy's back. I'm the best at Pole vaulting in my group

3:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Oh.

3:16 BoysCanLikeItToo Oh my god scott is stupid jesus 3:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : That's to bad, I called it first.

Ik :3 3:16 Glenn31

(Amy) : I wasn't gonna push Samey into the toxic waste or anything  (die)

3:17 TDfan10

(samey) SAMMY!

3:17 Glenn31

(Amy) : SPARE ME!

3:17 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Whatever, I'm going.

3:17 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : ..."pushes Sammy away from Amy"

3:17 TDfan10

(samey) YOU SON OF A-
(samey) calm down Sammy calm down

3:17 Glenn31


3:18 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : Please don't call your own parents bitches, Sammy.

3:18 Glenn31

(Chris) : Who's going for Team Neutral?

Coolboy87 has left, because they don't like anyone here 3:18 TDfan10

(samey) I meant b**** of my dad

3:18 Glenn31

(Cody) : I'll go!

3:18 TDfan10

(samey) It doesn't have the right thing to it but...

3:18 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : Sammy that's still not good..

3:18 TDfan10

(samey) Help me

3:18 Glenn31

(Chris) : Team Hero first, go!

3:19 TDfan10

(samey) *gets pole*
(samey) *runs and jumps with stick over toxic waste*

3:19 Glenn31

(Amy) :  D:
(Amy) : How did you do that!?

3:19 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : Gymnastics. I heard her confessional about it

3:19 TDfan10

(samey) That's one thing I'm better at then you  ;)

3:20 Glenn31

(Amy) : Yeah um, I'm better at everything else so...

3:20 TDfan10

(samey) Not everything

3:20 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : you're not better at being pretty...

3:20 Glenn31

(Cody) : *jumps but the stick breaks and he falls into the toxic waste* AAAAAAAAAH!

3:20 TDfan10

(samey) Oh my gosh

3:20 Glenn31

(Amy) : We're identical twins -_-

3:20 TDfan10

(samey) You have a mole

3:20 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) :"runs over and grabs his wrist" gotcha!

3:21 Glenn31

(Cody) : Hey... this isn't Toxic Waste.. It's apple juice
(Chris) : *glares at Chef* I asked for Toxic Waste
(Chef) :  :I

3:21 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "pulls up Cody" that mole looks like a lump of..well I can't say that word but yeah

3:22 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Let's do it! *Vaults, and the pole breaks, but he just barely makes it to the other side* That.... was too close.

3:22 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* Since when do people take SAMEY'S side? Not even mommy likes her

3:22 The Villainous Vulture Fuck. Scott went early xD' 3:22 Glenn31 Doesn't matter 3:22 BoysCanLikeItToo Dumb fuckng ass 3:22 Glenn31

(Team Hero) : 2  (Team Neutral) 2  (Team Villain) 2

3:22 The Villainous Vulture hey,l I copy/pasted the wrong thing So bite me 3:22 Glenn31

(Chris) : It's all tied up as we head to round 4
(Chris) : The relay race!

3:23 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "sneaks off to forest"

3:24 Glenn31

(Chris) : Three members of each team step forward
(Amy) : I'll go!

3:24 TDfan10

(samey) *steps forward*

3:24 TrueCobalion

(Cameron) : I'll go...

3:24 TDfan10

(samey) Where's Brianna?

3:24 Glenn31

(Mike) : *Steps forward*

3:24 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "conf" I know that I idol is somewhere. I've already done my fair share, now I'm taking my reward.

3:24 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Steps forward*

3:24 Glenn31

(Chef) : *whispers to Chris*
(Chris) : My bad, the relay race had to be cancelled because it was too dangerous

3:25 TDfan10

(samey) Aww

3:25 Glenn31

(Chris) : Instead, we're doing a Javelin throw
(Chris) : But the Javelin is a live rattle snake!  (troll)

3:25 BoysCanLikeItToo The fuck was in that race 3:25 Glenn31

(Amy) : Pass!

3:25 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Pushes Dave forward*
(Dave) : 0-0

3:26 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "searching the forest"

3:26 TDfan10

(samey) Since Cameron is a little..uh...weak no offence...I'll do it

3:26 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: I'll go. 3:26 Glenn31

(Chris) : Where's Brianna?

3:26 TDfan10

(samey) I dunno

3:27 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "finds a bunch of hollowed out rocks" So glad no one is wondering where I am

3:27 Glenn31


3:27 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "sprints back hiding a rock in her pocket"
(Brianna) : IM HERE IM HERE
(Brianna) : JESUs

3:28 Glenn31

(Chris) : 59 seconds, so close

3:28 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : you evil cockadile.

3:28 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Cockadile?

3:28 TDfan10

(samey) *grabs javelin*

3:28 Glenn31

(Chris) : Why thank you

3:28 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "is so clever"

3:28 Glenn31

(Chris) : Team Hero! Go

3:28 TDfan10

(samey) *throws snake at target*

3:28 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "looks at rock" Hmmm..

3:29 TDfan10

(samey) *hits target with snake*

3:29 Glenn31

(Chris) : Team Hero gets the point. Neutrals?

3:29 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Picks up a snake* 3:29 Glenn31

  • the snake is fucking terrified*

3:29 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Glares at the Snake and it just jumps at the target* 3:29 TDfan10

(samey) What do you have there, Brianna?

3:29 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "puts rock back in shirt pocket"
(Brianna) : A rock, I thought it looked cool

3:29 Glenn31

(Amy) : O_O
(Chris) : Villains? Have you nominated your snake bait?

3:30 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : DAVE!
(Dave) : 0-0

3:30 Glenn31

(Amy) : Yep, Dave!

3:30 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : O...kay.....
(Dave) : *Picks up a snake* Fukfukfukfukfuk! *Throws it*

3:30 Glenn31 Snake: *squirts venom at Dave and misses the target* 3:30 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "giggles"

3:30 The Villainous Vulture


3:31 Glenn31

  • everyone laughs*

3:31 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : you dumb fuck.

3:31 Glenn31

(Chris) : Medic!
(Medic) : *carries the snake to the infirmary*

3:31 TDfan10

(samey) *giggles*

3:31 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Wipes his eyes* Damn that hurt!

3:31 Glenn31

(Chris) : Rattlesnake venom is poisonous. You might wanna say goodbye to your loved ones

3:31 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : 0-0
(Dave) : SON OF A- **** ******* ***** **** **** ***** **** *** **** ***** **** ****!!!!!!!!!!

3:32 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : he can say goodbye to this game, too,

3:32 Glenn31

(Chris) : Alright, because we didn't think you'd all suck this much, there are no challenges left
(Team Hero) 3  (Team Neutral) 3  (Team Villain) 2
(Chris) : So Team Villain are sending someone home tonight
(Amy) : Again?

3:33 TDfan10

(samey) *conf* Hopefully Amy goes

3:33 Glenn31

(Chris) : Heroes, Neutrals, It's time for a tiebreaker

3:34 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: I'll go for my team. Antonio: Heh heh 3:34 Glenn31

(Chris) : The 1 mile hurdles!

3:34 TDfan10

(samey) Sure!

3:34 BoysCanLikeItToo I or easy fucking voted 3:34 TDfan10

(samey) 3 in a row, perfect

3:34 BoysCanLikeItToo omg i already fucking voted* 3:35 Glenn31 XD

(Chris) : Antonio, Samey, on your makrs
(Chris) : Get set
(Chris) : GO!

3:35 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Runs and jumps over hurtles* 3:35 TDfan10

(samey) *runs and jumps*
(samey) Runs and jumps*

3:35 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: This is much to easy *Keeps going* 3:35 TDfan10

(samey) runs and jumps*

3:35 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Continues on* 3:36 TDfan10

(samey) *keeps going*
(samey) *goes faster*

3:36 Glenn31

(Chris) : Half a mile left!

3:36 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Gets ahead of Samey* 3:36 TDfan10

(samey) *stll running and jumping*
(samey) *gets ahead of Antonio*

3:36 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME! *Kicks it into powerdrive* Antonio: *Running super ass fast* 3:36 Glenn31 xDD 3:36 TDfan10

(samey) *goes super super fast and passes Antonio*

3:36 Glenn31

(Chris) : One more hurdle until the finish line!

3:36 TDfan10

(samey) *runs and jumps*

3:36 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Jumps and passes Samey again* 3:37 TDfan10

(samey) *finishes*

3:37 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: *Goes through* 3:37 Glenn31

(Chris) : Team Hero wins!

3:37 TDfan10

(samey) YAY! *falls*

3:37 Glenn31

(Team Hero) 4  (Team Neutral) 3  (Team Villain) 2

3:37 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : yay! You did good too, Alejandro!

holy fuck 3:37 Glenn31

(Chris) : Elimination is in one hour

3:37 BoysCanLikeItToo antonio* 3:37 Glenn31 xD

(Amy) : *glares at Dave*

3:38 The Villainous Vulture Antonio: Humph

(Dave) : *Glares back*

3:38 TDfan10

(samey) Hey Brianna!

3:38 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* It's unfortunate Team Hero didn't lose, then Spare Me could've gone home  >:/

3:38 BoysCanLikeItToo Tdas is on 3:38 Glenn31 Ew Turn that shit off Your poor TV has to show that? 3:39 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Conf* I heard Amy's confessional about sending Dave home earlier, she must've used Vito earlier to help us lose....

3:39 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : what is it, sameyL

3:40 TDfan10

(samey) *whispers* I know you were looking for the idol.

3:40 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : BACK THE FUCK UP

3:41 TDfan10

(samey) I won't tell, I just want to help you

3:41 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : yeah! No.

3:41 TDfan10

(samey) Fine then, your loss

3:41 Glenn31

(Amy) : Um.. S-Sammy

3:42 TDfan10

(samey) What?!

3:42 Glenn31

(Amy) : Can we talk?

3:42 TDfan10

(samey) About what

3:42 Glenn31

(Amy) : About us...
(Amy) : I'm sorry for how I treated you today, and every other day

3:43 TDfan10

(samey) Suure

3:43 Glenn31

(Amy) : I get it if you don't want to forgive me
(Amy) : But I'm a horrible sister

3:43 TDfan10

(samey) Like I can trust you!

3:43 Glenn31

(Amy) :  :(

3:43 TDfan10

(samey) Then you'll just insult me the next day

3:43 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Brianna) : "conf" Amy is apologizing, Samey is scheming?! It's like they switched bodies or something.."shiver"

3:44 Glenn31

(Amy) : But Sammy, I really am sorry

3:44 TDfan10

(samey) I would like to trust you bu-
(samey) Sammy?

3:44 Glenn31

(Amy) : Yeah... That's your name

3:44 BoysCanLikeItToo Daaayyum 3:44 Glenn31 ^ 3:44 BoysCanLikeItToo she said Sammy wooow 3:44 The Villainous Vulture DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN 3:45 TDfan10

(samey) *looks up in one of those movies and imagining the world is ending*

3:45 Glenn31

(Amy) : You ok?

3:45 BoysCanLikeItToo \me is looking like daduq 3:45 TDfan10

(samey) I'll give you one last chance.

3:45 BoysCanLikeItToo


3:45 Glenn31

(Amy) : Really?  :D

3:45 BoysCanLikeItToo

  • BoysCanLikeItToo is looking like dafuq

3:45 Glenn31

(Amy) : *le hug* You're the best sister in the world!

3:46 TDfan10

(samey) Really. Only if you treat me with respect and quit bossing me wround
  • around

3:46 Glenn31

(Amy) : I promise

3:46 TDfan10

(samey)  :)
(samey) *le hugs back*

3:46 BoysCanLikeItToo Samey is a scary bitch 3:46 Glenn31

(Chris) : Hurry up Villains! It's almost elimination time!

3:46 BoysCanLikeItToo I'm horrified 3:46 TDfan10 Shut up 3:46 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* Ugh, gag. Calling her Sammy hurt so much. Like I'm really sorry. The merge is just around the corner and I need allies

Vote in my PM Welcome to the chat, Teamdarkfan4 3:48 Glenn31

(Chris) : The votes are in
(Chris) : The marshmallows go to  (Amy)  (Scott)  (Zoey)
(Mike) : Heh heh, the love triangle
(Amy) : *throws her marshmallow at Mike*

3:49 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Shut it moron.

3:49 BoysCanLikeItToo

(Zoey) : Kill yourself, toothpick.

3:49 Glenn31

(Chris) :  (Mike) , you're on the chopping block for losing the first challenge as Vito, and for not being as insanely awesome as Mal
(Chris) :  (Dave) , you're almost dead

3:49 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Fuck off.

3:49 Glenn31

(Chris) : And also, you cost your team the challenge
(Chris) : The final marshmallow goes to..........
(Chris) :  (Mike)

3:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Saw that coming

3:50 Glenn31

(Mike) : Yes!

3:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : But....

3:51 Glenn31

(Chris) : *pushes Dave off the cliff* No buts

3:51 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : FUCK YOU

Dammit dude he had the idol! 3:51 Glenn31 Too late  :P 3:51 The Villainous Vulture But fine, fuck you. How is it to late?! I was typing! 3:51 Glenn31 lol I think I just unknowingly saved Amy xD

(Chris) : So, another one bites the dust
(Chris) : Who will go next?
(Chris) : Find out next time. On Total Drama Island!