The Ridonculous Race
Season 1
Episode count 26
Winner TBA
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A

The Ridonculous Race is a spinoff of Total Drama Our Way. 


Unlike the main roleplay, all contestants will be competing in teams of two. There will be 19 pairs with 38 contestants taking part. Here is a list of the contestants:


The Ridonculous Race will consist of 26 episodes. In each episode the pairs will take part in a race  to their next destination. Each race will have different challenges and obstacles for the pairs in order for them to reach the next location. The last team to reace the finish line will be eliminated.

Episode Title Location
1 On Your Marks... New York
2 Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition Madrid
3 Gypsy Hybrids Brasov
4 The Rocky Roads of Dublin Dublin
5 Berlin Fall Berlin
6 The Soviet Connection Moscow
7 Monk Marathon Lhasa
8 The Wrath of Khan Karakorum
9 Tag-a' You're It Manila
10 No Hatikvah Jerusalem
11 Syrian Steel Damascus
12 No más cárteles Bogota
13 Climbing Khalifa Dubai
14  Great jäbdänya Addis Ababa
15 Tro Tro Travel Accra
16 Warsaw Packing Warsaw
17 Carry Me Careful Helsinki
18 Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck Bangkok
19 We're Oslo Cold Oslo
20 City of Trite Paris
21 Papal Panic Rome
22 Athenian Olympiads Athens
23 Havoc at the Harbour Cape Town
24 Montezuma's Revenge Mexico City
25 Great Ghatsby! Varanasi
26 The Final Lap Toronto

Elimination Table

Episode Location Characters Rank
1 New York, U.S.A Antonio and Duncan 18th
2 Madrid, Spain Dwayne and Junior 17th
3 Brasov, Romania Harold and Leonard 16th
4 Dublin, Ireland Taylor and Kelly 15th
5 Berlin, Germany N/A N/A
6 Moscow, Russia Crimson and Ennui 14th
7 Lhasa, Tibet N/A N/A
8 Karakorum, Mongolia Vin and Billy returns
9 Manila, Phillipines Mary and Ellody 13th
10 Jerusalem, Israel Bianca and Brianna returns
11 Damascus, Syria Izzy and Sugar 12th
12 Bogota, Colombia N/A N/A
13 Dubai, U.A.E Gwen and Trent 11th
14 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia N/A N/A
15 Accra, Ghana Felix and Scarlett 10th
16 Warsaw, Poland N/A N/A
17 Helsinki, Finland Scott and Owen 9th
18 Bangkok, Thailand N/A N/A
19 Oslo, Norway Vin and Billy 8th
20 Paris, France N/A N/A
21 Rome, Italy Jared and Cody 7th
22 Athens, Greece Bianca and Brianna 6th
23 Cape Town, South Africa NA N/A
24 Mexico City, Mexico Amy and Zoey 5th
25 Varanasi, India TBA 4th
26 New York, U.S.A to Toronto, Canada TBA 3rd/Runner-Up