Kaboomba!: Owen: Hey Bianca, wondering why your new boyfriend has been gone so long yet? Hmmmmmmmmm?

Elsa: Bianca: ...Label him as my boyfriend again and I'll pop your fatass like a balloon.

Kaboomba!: Owen: Someones in denial :P

Steve the Llama: Harold: Gosh bianca, Owen's right

Elsa: Bianca: *stabs Owen in the belly* Who else?

Kaboomba!: Owen: D:

Steve the Llama: Harold: ....Not me

Steve the Llama: Tyler: I'm cool bro

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Yawn*

Steve the Llama: Leonard: *uses magic to make himself invisable*

Kaboomba!: *A helicopter with Jared, Vin, Billy and Cody comes down*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *With bandages covering half his face* HELLO PEOPLE!

Steve the Llama: Vin: What up sleezebags?

Steve the Llama: Billy: CHEESE!!

Steve the Llama: Vin: shut up moron!

Steve the Llama: Cody: Hehehehe

Kaboomba!: Scott: Oh yey, the loser crew is here.

Steve the Llama: Vin: we'll get you this time, sleezebags!

Kaboomba!: Scott: Pffffft


Kaboomba!: Owen: *Laughing weakly*

Steve the Llama: Billy: *Turns red* NOBODY MAKES FUN OF VINNY! *tackles Scott*

Kaboomba!: Scott: GAH!

Elsa: Bianca: *Sneaks over and places bombs on the helicopter*

Elsa: Bianca: Doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

Steve the Llama: Billy: *Smacking Scott with a piece of cheese*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Pushes Billy off*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Now then.

Steve the Llama: Billy: Ow! Hurtful cheese!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Hey Scotty, wanna go for a ride?! *Knocks out Scott*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Vin, grab the fat one, Cody, the track suit guy.

Steve the Llama: Harold: Whoa, whats going on???

Elsa: Bianca: *stands back and gets ready to detonate* La la laa..

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Throws Scott in the helicopter* Guess, genius

Steve the Llama: Vin: I always get the fat one

Steve the Llama: Cody: *sees the bomb* GUYS WAIT

Kaboomba!: Owen: *Crawls away from VIn*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Shut up and grab Tyler!

Elsa: Bianca: *Pushes a button* Nalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa*hits an unbelieveable note and breaks all nearby glass as the bombs detonate*

Steve the Llama: Cody: THERES A-

Kaboomba!: Jared: And nope *Holds up the real detonator*

Steve the Llama: Cody: Oh.

Kaboomba!: Jared: I love stealing shit! AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Kaboomba!: Jared: NOW GRAB 'EM!

Steve the Llama: Vin: Not bad

Steve the Llama: Vin: *stabs owen again and grabs him*

Elsa: Bianca: ...So what did I just blow up

Kaboomba!: Owen: MY KIDNEY!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Some place in New York

Kaboomba!: Jared: CODY! GET TYLER!

Steve the Llama: Cody: *Pressure oints Tyler and takes him*

Steve the Llama: Cody: I did

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Ties a rope connected to the helicopter around Tylers neck*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Ow, wtf bros!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Gets in the helicopter* Oh wait, we forgot someone!

Steve the Llama: *Harold is nowhere to be found*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Hops out*

Elsa: Brianna and Zoey: GET OFF OF THEM! *tackles Jared*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Side steps out of the way*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Grabs Brianna in mid air*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Let's go guys! *Ties Brianna up and throws her in with Scott*

Elsa: Brianna: Put me down! AAAYEEE!

Elsa: Zoey: ...*runs away*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Hops in* GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE!

Kaboomba!: Jared: VIN! CODY! BILLY! NOW!

Steve the Llama: *They all hop in*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Bye bye! AHAHAHAHAHHA

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Flies away*

Kaboomba!: *Tyler starts getting hung by the rope connected to the helicopter as they fly*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Hey Tyler, how long until you die from that rope?

Elsa: Zoey: *Watching it all from far away* ...I think I know who can help. *calls felix*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Hmmmmm

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Gets a megaphone and yells to everyone*

Elsa: Bianca: Hey red, we goin after them or what?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Hey, you can do one of two things guys!

Elsa: Zoey: *Calls felix* Already on it.

Kaboomba!: Jared: SAVE THEM! OR... HIM! *Cuts Tyler loose*

Kaboomba!: Jared: HAPPY LANDINGS!

Kaboomba!: Jared: AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Steve the Llama: Felix: *Appears in the nick of time, grabs Tyler with his robotic arms then comes to Zoey* You called?

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Helicopter disappears*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Ow...

Steve the Llama: Tyler: I got massive rugburn..

Elsa: Zoey: *Grabs Felix by the collar* BUILD SOMETHING, FAGGOT

Kaboomba!: *A TV drops from the sky*

Steve the Llama: *the tv falls on tyler*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Eep! No need for vulgarity

Kaboomba!: *The TV turns on randomly*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Ow!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *On the TV* Let me guess, you still wanna find us right?

Steve the Llama: Felix: Who is this? Whats going on?

Elsa: Zoey: No need for your bull shit. Now build something you little-- *says swear words that should not be presented in the presence of other human beings*

Elsa: Bianca: *is shocked*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Well, you're gonna need to find us first! AHAHAHAHAHA

Steve the Llama: Felix: Oh the vulgarity...*faints*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Wanna know where we are?

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Yes

Kaboomba!: Jared: Great!

Kaboomba!: Jared: You can find us at a certain mall near your area

Kaboomba!: Jared: Come with 2 million dollars and your pals'll get turned free

Steve the Llama: Tyler: 2 million dollars????Kaboomba!:

Jared: Show up without it.... and you're fucked.

Kaboomba!: Jared: See ya soon! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA *Tv transmission ends*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Not fair bro! Red card!

Elsa: Bianca: Oh! This Pierre guy had tons of cash and I raided him, thats 1% of what I own now

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Can someone get this tv off me?

Steve the Llama: *Scene flashes back to the 'copter*

Kaboomba!: Jared: La la la la

Steve the Llama: *harold is shown stowing on the helicopter*

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Wakes up tied up* Ugh.....

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Looks at Brianna and Owen* What the Hell happened?

Steve the Llama: *Scene flashes back to bianca*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: *Yawns and walks out and sees everyone* Oh hi.

Steve the Llama: Felix: *gets up and brushes himself off* Please, I don't need that vulgarity ma'am

Elsa: Zoey: Uggh! Felix! Just build something!

Steve the Llama: Felix: Jeez, okay

Steve the Llama: Felix: Now Bianca

Elsa: Bianca: What is it, short stuff?

Steve the Llama: Felix: Why am I here?

Steve the Llama: Felix: Whats going on?

Elsa: Bianca: Our friends have been captured. You WILL build us something and you WILL come with us to save him.

Steve the Llama: Felix: Sure

Steve the Llama: Felix: Now

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Didn't that guy say you need to get to a mall?

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Yeah?

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Then what are you assholes waiting on?

Kaboomba!: Duncan: *Looks at Zoey* There probably torturing your boyfriend by now

Steve the Llama: Felix: Everyone, hold on to me

Elsa: Zoey: *chokes duncan*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Gah!

Steve the Llama: Felix: My teleporter can only teleport people who are touching me

Elsa: Zoey: *lets go of duncan*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Are we going or not?

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Ugh

Steve the Llama: Felix: Time is battery life

Elsa: Zoey: *sigh* Man...I bet the others are crying buckets and being tortured as we speak. *Grabs Felix*

Elsa: *scene switches to the helicopter*

Elsa: Brianna: *starting to tear through the ropes* YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKER!

Kaboomba!: Jared: I love you too.

Steve the Llama: Harold: *is hiding on the plane*

Kaboomba!: Scott: Let us go before everyone comes to kill your asses!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Yawn* I'll pass guys

Kaboomba!: Jared: The funny thing is that I don't expect to get out of this alive.

Kaboomba!: Jared: This'll just be my final act of fun before I die.

Elsa: Brianna: ....Bianca...will..stop youuu!!!!

Steve the Llama: Harold: *Pulls scott back to his hiding place without being noticed by anyone* *whispers* Scott, I'm here to save all of you, I need a distraction

Kaboomba!: Scott: Huh? Um... okay?

Steve the Llama: Harold: So get distracting so I can save your asses, gosh!

Elsa: Brianna: AND...IF..SHE DOESNT....*starts turning blood red and snaps out of the ropes* I WILLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaboomba!: Scott: PUSH ME BACK OUT THEN

Steve the Llama: Harold:  *Pushes*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Grabs under Briannas jaw pressure point so she faints*

Kaboomba!: Jared: No. You won't. No one is ruining my game.

Steve the Llama: harold: *gets out his nunchucks* Time to save everyone..


Steve the Llama: Harold: *Whispers to scott* now!

Kaboomba!: Scott: Hey Jared! Nice scars!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Thanks! Wait... was that sarcasm?

Kaboomba!: Scott: Maybe... Scarface!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Grrrrr

Steve the Llama: Harold: *Tiptoes behind Vin and knocks him out, then knocks out Cody and Billy*

Kaboomba!: Jared: I swear... I'm about to destroy you if you call me that again

Steve the Llama: Harold: *pressure points Jared*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Just standing there*

Steve the Llama: Harold: Hah, I win, time to save everyone, gosh!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Grabs Harolds wrist*Steve the Llama: Harold: Um.

Steve the Llama: Harold: Gosh, no hard feelings?

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Looks at Harold* Nice of you to join us.

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Knocks Harold out*Elsa: Brianna: *wakes up ten times angrier and headbutts Jared* NOT TODAY FUCKER!

Steve the Llama: Harolds: ooh....gosh...*falls out of the plane*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Pressure points Brianna again* Yes. Today.

Kaboomba!: *Back to everyone else*

Elsa: Zoey: Zzzz..z.zz.zzzzzzSteve the Llama: Felix: hey

Kaboomba!: Duncan: So are we going to that mall or what?

Elsa: Bianca: *Bitchslaps Zoey, leaving a red handprint* Wake up.

Steve the Llama: Felix: I think I see a flying organism

Kaboomba!: Duncan: SCOTT IS DYING!

Steve the Llama: *Harold: *Comes into view, falling*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Whoah! *grabs harold with his mechanical arms*

Elsa: Zoey: SCOTT'S DYING?! *Chokes Felix* HURRY UP YOU *swears violently once again*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Heh

Steve the Llama: Harold: powerfull.....gosh..Steve the Llama: Felix: On it! *teleports everyone*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: HEY! wait for me! *dives into portal*

Kaboomba!: *In le mall*

Kaboomba!: *Dead bodies everywhere*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: *Covers his mouth* Holy shit....

Steve the Llama: Felix: Um, this is slighty morbidSteve the Llama: Harold: *still weak* g...g....gosh..

Elsa: Bianca: That bastard...I'll make sure he pays for this..

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Groans and stands up*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Whoa! This guy is a maniac

Steve the Llama: Felix: Maclore???

Kaboomba!: Maclore: He was.... he killed... everyone..... *Falls down*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Whoah, if thats the case Maclore, where's Billy, he was with you to try and stop Vin right?

Kaboomba!: Maclore: He went... with him....Steve the Llama: Felix: Oh darn it all!

Steve the Llama: Harold: gosh...

Steve the Llama: Tyler: He'll pay!Kaboomba!: Duncn: Look *Points at the wall*

Steve the Llama: Felix: What?

Kaboomba!: *The wall is covered in blood that spells "Go to the security room"*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Oh dear...*faints*Steve the Llama: Tyler: Lets do this, they'll pay!Kaboomba!: Duncan: Lets go

Elsa: Bianca: *storms to the security room* WHERE ARE YOU YOU DAMNED BASTARD?!

Steve the Llama: Harold: *is now better, jumps up* Gosh! they'll pay!

Kaboomba!: *Theres another TV*

Elsa: Zoey: *hesitantly and slowly creeps to the security room*Kaboomba!: Jared: *On the TV* Heh heh heh heh

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Has Owen at gun point*

Elsa: Bianca: *grabs the nearest blunt weapon* JARED! DAMN YOU!

Kaboomba!: Jared: The mall?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You really thought I'd straight tell you where I was? AHAHAHAHA

Elsa: Bianca: I guess you dont want money then, dumbass.Steve the Llama:

Vin: *in the backroubnd of the video* I WANT MONEY!!!

Kaboomba!: Jared: I still have your friends mind you

Elsa: Brianna: *in an adamantium cage behind Jared ready to pounce* Grr...*Mouth foams*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Now then

Elsa: Bianca: You can't get money if we can't get to you.

Kaboomba!: Jared: And you can't get yor friends unless you find me

Elsa: Bianca: Then I guess one of us has to make a choice.

Elsa: Bianca: Personally, I could care less about them.

Elsa: Bianca: Brianna can handle herself just fine, and I dislike both owen and scott.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Scott, Owen and Brianna

Steve the Llama: Felix: Who did you capture?Steve the Llama: Felix: *gets up* *his robotic arms now have spikes at the end of them* They got Brianna!!!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Shoots owen* WhoopsKaboomba!: Jared: I didn't even mean to do that

Kaboomba!: Jared: Oh well, make that Scott and BriannaElsa: Bianca: Oh well, small loss. Now do you want money or not?

Steve the Llama: Vin, Billy and Cody: YEAH!!!!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Oh Zoey, by the way, I hope you like your boyfriend with BIG CHEMICAL SCARS! AHAHAHAHHAHA

Steve the Llama: Billy: Wait....why?

Elsa: Bianca: Well then where are you, Billy?


Steve the Llama: Vin: *pushes billy out of the camera*

Elsa: Bianca: Billy, I'll give you all the money if you tell me where you are..

Steve the Llama: Billy: Do you have cheese?

Steve the Llama: Vin: NO NO NO!

Elsa: Bianca: *waves cheese around* Man, I guess ill eat this cheese myself then.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Bye bye, the longer you wait, the more time I have to slowly kill Scott and Brianna, TA TA! *Smashes the camera*

Kaboomba!: *TV breaks*

Steve the Llama: Billy: WE'RE AT-

Steve the Llama: *tv cuts off*

Elsa: Bianca: Fuck, I almost had them.Steve the Llama: *tv turns back on*

Elsa: Bianca: ...I cant help but feel like ive seen that background..

Steve the Llama: Billy: we're at *says the name of the place* CHEESE!

Kaboomba!: Jared: GRAH! *Smashes the camera again*

Elsa: Bianca: ...thank you Billy.

Kaboomba!: *TV cuts out*

Kaboomba!: *With Jared and his group*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Nice job lying to them Billy

Steve the Llama: Vin: YOU MORON!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Throws cheese to Billy*

Steve the Llama: Billy: Huh? lieing?

Steve the Llama: Billy: When did I lie?

Kaboomba!: Jared: We aren't in a gunstore.

Steve the Llama: Billy: Oh.

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Hands him more cheese* Idiot.

Steve the Llama: Billy: YAY CHEESE!

Kaboomba!: *Back to everyone else*

Elsa: Bianca: Well then, shall we go visit them?

Elsa: Bianca: Lets go to the gunstore then.

  • At Jared's base*

Elsa: Brianna: *calmed down* cant win..

Kaboomba!: Jared: Win?

Kaboomba!: Jared: I don't plan too

Kaboomba!: Jared: I know I'm going to die from this

Kaboomba!: Jared: Now then

Elsa: Brianna: ..then why...why do you do this?

Elsa: Brianna: a great could be...our friends..

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Goes to Scott* Your girlfriend's coming for you. Heh heh

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Spits blood on Jared* Leave Zoey out of this.

Elsa: Brianna: ...*Clenches the bars of her cage and starts crying* Oh Bia..please come save us..

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Slams Scott's head on the ground* That's not nice.

Kaboomba!: Jared: You need to learn some manners

Kaboomba!: Scott: Fuck... you....

Elsa: Brianna: Scott!


Kaboomba!: Jared: *Stomps Scott's back*

Kaboomba!: Scott: UGH!

Elsa: Brianna: bastard..I'll..I'll break this cage down..

Kaboomba!: Jared: Vin, Cody, put Scott in his cell.

Steve the Llama: Vin: Sure

Steve the Llama: Cody: Roger that

Kaboomba!: Scott: I can't wait to see you dead.

Kaboomba!: Jared: I already am dead.

Steve the Llama: *they put scott in his cell*

Kaboomba!: *Back to the heroes*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Well now what?

Elsa: Bianca: *Arrives at the gunstore* Well where the fuck are they?

Kaboomba!: *Another TV*

Kaboomba!: *The TV turns on*


Steve the Llama: Felix: What?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Seriously guys, you suck at this game.

Elsa: Bianca: Jared hun, can you give Billy a message?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Nopey nope!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Anyway

Kaboomba!: Jared: I'll give you all a choice

Elsa: Brianna: *Doing hand symbols behind Jared while he doesnt notice*

Kaboomba!: Jared: You get to say hi to one of our hostages

Elsa: Bianca: *Looking closely at Brianna*

Kaboomba!: Jared: So pick, Scott or Brianna?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Who do you want to say hi to?

Steve the Llama: Felix: Brianna! We're coming!

Steve the Llama: Felix: I think?

Kaboomba!: Jared: No one?Elsa: Bianca: Put scott on.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Alrighty

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Pulls Scott up with bruises and cuts all over him*

Elsa: Brianna: *Still doing the same hand symbols over and over*

Elsa: Zoey: SCOTT!!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Say hi pally!

Steve the Llama: Harold: SCOTT!!!!!!!

Kaboomba!: Scott: H.....i.....

Steve the Llama: Tyler: whoa!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Pulls out a switchblade* Watch this guys!

Elsa: Brianna: *Secretly doing sign language at the camera*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Stabs Scott in the left eye* Heh heh heh

Elsa: Bianca: *Watches brianna and pulls out a chart*

Elsa: Zoey: NO!

Steve the Llama: Harold: AHHH!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Drops Scott down* There

Kaboomba!: Jared: You got to say hi, so now... goodbye! *Smashes the camera*

Elsa: Bianca: ...I know where they are.*At Jared's base*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Leaning in his chair* So Brianna, you enjoying the game so far?

Elsa: Brianna: Jared..why do you do this?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Like I said, a final laugh before I die.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Isn't that straight forward?

Elsa: Brianna: there anything that would get you to stop?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Not really, I just wanna have a good time for my last few moments on earth

Elsa: Brianna: What if there was someone that liked you?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Nope, my Father beat me, my Mother left and my Uncle doesn't pay attention

Kaboomba!: Jared: I have no friends....

Kaboomba!: Jared: So ya, no one likes me and after today, no one will.

Elsa: Brianna: *reaches out the cage and puts hand on his shoulder* I like you, I have faith you will do the right thing.

Elsa: Brianna: And believe it or not, Bianca does too.

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Eyes glimmer with hope for a second* Really?!

Elsa: Brianna: Heh, of course!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Goes back to normal* It doens't matter

Kaboomba!: Jared: I won't be around long enough to enjoy it

Kaboomba!: Jared: Why do you care so much?

Elsa: Brianna: ..I can change their minds, Jared.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Can't I just die with some sense of happiness?

Elsa: Brianna: I can convince them of your true nature, but I need your cooperation.

Kaboomba!: Jared: This is me! I just wanna die already, so can I at least hve some fun doing it?

Elsa: Brianna: You want to die because you're alone, is that it?

Kaboomba!: Jared: No, I wanna die because I've gone through bad shit

Kaboomba!: Jared: And now I've gone completely insane!

Kaboomba!: Jared: That's why I wanna die

Elsa: Brianna: Being insane is a choice. And the only person with the ability to make that choice, is you.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Is it my choice?

Kaboomba!: Jared: You're telling me, all those crazy people in the nut house WANNA be there?

Kaboomba!: Jared: That makes sense?

Kaboomba!: *Back to the heroes*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Let's find 'em

Steve the Llama: Felix: They got brianna! Lets go!

Steve the Llama: Felix: Er, not like a care too much, heh

Kaboomba!: Maclore: C-can.... I help....?

Steve the Llama: Felix: so....

Steve the Llama: Felix: *Eager to change the subject* Yes!

Kaboomba!: Maclore: Ok-kay.....

Steve the Llama: felix: *Gets his robotic arms to wrap up Maclores wounds*

Kaboomba!: Maclore: Thanks.

Elsa: Bianca: I know where they are. Brianna was doing signlanguage.

Elsa: Bianca: Billy is a lying dumbass who needs to be killed.

Elsa: Bianca: They're in an underground lair somewhere in the mines.

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Great.

Kaboomba!: Maclore: Yea.... underground.... heh.... that's good.... heh heh.....

Steve the Llama: Felix: Billy wouldn't lie

Steve the Llama: Felix: I think there lieing to him because he can be easily manipulated

Steve the Llama: Felix: He doesn't know HOW to lie

Elsa: Bianca: Brianna did signlanguage, I know what I saw, Felix.

Elsa: Bianca: Do you trust Billy, or Brianna?

Kaboomba!: Maclore: Trust... heh heh

Steve the Llama: Felix: well, um...

Elsa: Bianca: *Looks at maclore* Will you stop fucking chuckling like a faggot?

Kaboomba!: Maclore: Sorry.... heh... just thinking about things *Looks horrified*

Steve the Llama: Felix: um.. Billy's too innocent, I know him

Steve the Llama: Felix: Maclore can vouch for me

Elsa: Bianca: Brianna would hate you for not trusting her. Hmph

Steve the Llama: Felix: WHAT? Er, I mean..okay so?

Kaboomba!: Maclore: What's a.... heh heh.... vouch?

Elsa: Bianca: But I know what this is really about, this is something youve dreamed of for years, Felix.

Steve the Llama: Felix: um...'cuse me?

Elsa: Bianca: Being the hero that saves the day. The glory, a crowned jewel of life, and it's in your grasp.

Steve the Llama: Felix: um, what?

Elsa: Bianca: The one thing you couldnt have, and now you can.

Steve the Llama: Felix: I don't have an ego

Elsa: Bianca: I bet that would impress all the ladies....even that "special" lady.

Steve the Llama: Felix: crowned jewel of life, what is this a  movie?

Steve the Llama: Felix: *turns red* um, what?

Elsa: Bianca: But it's your choice, girls just dont like cowards, is all.

Elsa: Bianca: Isnt that right, red? *Wink*

Elsa: Zoey: Uh, um..yeah..Brianna would agree with us too

Steve the Llama: Felix: um..*his robotic arms burst out of backpack* In that case, lets go

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Now you're talking bro, lets show 'em

Kaboomba!: Maclore: F-finally.... heh *Twitching*

Steve the Llama: Harold: Yeah!

Elsa: Bianca: *thinking* Pshycological manipulation has always been a gift of mine.

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Looks at Bianca* You look.... heh... awfully pleased.... heh heh.... with yourself.... heh

Elsa: Zoey: Lets go then!

Steve the Llama: Harold: Yeah, something up Bianca, gosh

Elsa: Bianca: Oh nothing. Lets go.

Steve the Llama: Felix: Lets get them!

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Finally!

Elsa: Bianca: *Starts walking with zoey*

Kaboomba!: *Right outside wherever Bianca took them*

Kaboomba!: *A dead guard is outside*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Lets show them- whoa that guys dead

Kaboomba!: Maclore: More... dead bodies.... heh heh

Steve the Llama: Tyler: uh...

Elsa: Bianca: None of your concern, lead the way, Felix.

Steve the Llama: Harold: Gosh

Steve the Llama: Felix: Me? l-l-l-lead?

Kaboomba!: Duncan: This guy is fucked up

Elsa: Bianca: Why not you? The girls love heroes.

Steve the Llama: Felix: S-s-s-so?

Elsa: Bianca: Nothing is more heroic than leading.

Steve the Llama: Felix: In that case, lets go

Elsa: Bianca: *smirks, then walks*

Steve the Llama: Felix: *his robotic burst out, they now have spikes on the knuckles*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: *Walks with Maclore* Are you okay?

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Walks past more dead bodies next to Duncan* I'm.... heh heh... totally fine.... heh

Steve the Llama: Harold: *walking with tyler* I'll need to settle the score! They pushed me out of the plane!

Elsa: Bianca: *still behind felix*

Steve the Llama: Felix:  Wonder where they are?

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Walks past a mutilated body* So much... blood.... heh heh....

Steve the Llama: Felix: Wonder where Brianna mean scott, um..I nevermind

Steve the Llama: Tyler: You okay there bro?

Steve the Llama: Felix: Fine, just fine

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Hey! I think this is the door!

Elsa: Bianca: Maclore, the hell is wrong with you

Steve the Llama: Felix: Oh finally, I thought this hallway of awkward turmoil would never end

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Starts twitching paranoidly again* N-nothing... heh....

Steve the Llama: Felix: Er- I mean great

Elsa: Bianca: I'd be quiet, lest those mutilated bodies come for you this night.

Steve the Llama: Harold: Lets show them!

Steve the Llama: Tyler: Yeah!

Kaboomba!: Maclore: Heh... bodies... heh heh

Kaboomba!: Duncan: *Kicks the door down*

Steve the Llama: Felix: I dont' see anybody!

Steve the Llama: Harold: They might be hiding! *gets out his nunchucks*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Ugh. Great.

Steve the Llama: Tyler: YEAH! Hiding!

Elsa: Brianna: *screaming*

Kaboomba!: *Scott's screams come from down the hallway*

Steve the Llama: Felix: BRIANNA! er...I mean...SCOTT!!

Kaboomba!: *Jared is laughing afterword*

Steve the Llama: Harold: That freak!

Steve the Llama: Vin: HAHAHAHA SLEEZEBAGS!

Steve the Llama: Billy: CHEESE!

Steve the Llama: Cody: Hehehehe...

Elsa: Bianca: *Runs with a huge metal club* FUCK UP YOU HENCHMEN!

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Let's go!

Steve the Llama: Vin: *Trips bianca* Heh sleezebag

Steve the Llama: Billy: HEY! CAN I HAVE MY CHEESE NOW?

Elsa: Bianca: *Flips instead of falling, and flips again to kick vin in his face*

Steve the Llama: Cody: *Pulls a lever and a cage falls on everyone*

Steve the Llama: Cody: RIGHT INTO OUR TRAP


Steve the Llama: Cody: AHAHAHAHA

Steve the Llama: Felix: Oh, those sneaky rapsacallions!

Elsa: Bianca: Jared...I thought you were better than this.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Sorry. But I'm not.

Steve the Llama: Vin: Um....YOU STUCK ME IN HERE TOO GENIUSES!

Kaboomba!: Jared: Who cares?

Elsa: Bianca: pathetic wimp.

Steve the Llama: Harold: *glaring at vin*

Elsa: Bianca: A cage? Too scared to face me head on?

Elsa: Bianca: Follow The Leader, huh? Such spineless swine, cant make his own desicions.

Steve the Llama: Vin: Um, no hard feelings sleezebag

Steve the Llama: harold: *gets out his nunchucks and starts beating the crap out of vin*

Steve the Llama: vin: OW! OH! OW!

Kaboomba!: Jared: It wasn't my idea

Kaboomba!: Jared: Besides, according to my calculations you won't be in there long

Elsa: Bianca: If it was your choice, what would you do?

Kaboomba!: Jared: I'd already be dead.

Steve the Llama: Felix: Leading is the most herioc thing.....grrrrr... *gets out his robotic arms and smashes the cage open*

Kaboomba!: Jared: See? Told ya

Steve the Llama: Harold: *still beating the crap out of vin*

Steve the Llama: Vin: OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!!!!!!

Steve the Llama: Tyler: GET 'EM!

Elsa: Bianca: *Cracks knuckles and walks to Jared* Get the others, I'll take Jared MYSELF.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Finally! *Swings his knife at Bianca*

Steve the Llama: Felix: *picks up cody with his robotic arms and throws him into the wall*

Elsa: Bianca: *ducks and leg sweeps*

Steve the Llama: Cody: oh....little nice birdies.....*falls over knocked out*

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Uses a knife to rip Vin to shreads*

Steve the Llama: Felix: Billy! Listen to me! Vin's the bad guy now, he was trying to trick you!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Falls* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Steve the Llama: Vin: *dodges and stabs maclore*

Steve the Llama: Harold: I got him!

Steve the Llama: Harold: *continues beating the crap out of vin*

Elsa: Bianca: *Snatches his knife and pokes his throat* Allow me to make you wish come true hun. *forces the knife in*

Steve the Llama: Billy:.....

Steve the Llama: Felix: believe me Billy!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Grins as the knife goes into his neck*

Steve the Llama: Billy:....*turns to vin* ...BAD GUY!  tackles vin and helps harold and maclore beat the crap out of him*


Steve the Llama: Felix: Yes! Told you Bianca!

Kaboomba!: Jared: I love you too, Bianca *Falls over*

Elsa: Zoey: *runs to Scott and unties him*

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Bleeding rapidly from his throat*

Kaboomba!: Scott: Thanks

Steve the Llama: Felix: *Slices brianna's ropes off*

Elsa: Bianca: you too, bastard. *bandages his throat.*

Steve the Llama: Felix: brianna!

Elsa: Brianna: Felix! *hugs him*  Thank you!

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Sees Jared* YOU!

Steve the Llama: Felix: *goes red* Um..,..your welcome...oh.....*faints*

Kaboomba!: Jared: Hey buddy-

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Pins him to the wall*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: *Glaring at Jared*


Steve the Llama: Vin: *throws all them off*

Elsa: Bianca: Because I'll stop you. *grabs scott by the throat and pushes him away*

Steve the Llama: Vin: ow.

Steve the Llama: Harold: SCOTT!

Kaboomba!: Jared: *Drops* Just have to let me live don't you?

Steve the Llama: Tyler: aren't you on our side?

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Falls* Ow!

Elsa: Bianca: We got what we wanted, our friends free.

Elsa: Bianca: Are you all such pathetic swine that you have to take revenge as well?

Kaboomba!: Scott: Yes.

Kaboomba!: Scott: But fine, everyone get out, I have some unfinished business here.

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Walks into the hallway and disappears*

Elsa: Fuck, I was gonna start a whole speech and everythang

Steve the Llama: Harold: Vengance is mine! *takes out his nunchucks and swings them at Jared, but ends up  hitting himself and knocks himself out*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: *facepalm*

Elsa: Bianca: *slams Harolds unconcious head on the ground rapidly until he bleeds*

Kaboomba!: Duncan: Come on guys, let's go.

Steve the Llama: Tyler: wtf bianca??

Kaboomba!: Maclore: *Walks out with Duncan*

Steve the Llama: Tyler: *carries harold out*

Steve the Llama: Felix: So, brianna we should go

Elsa: Brianna: Heh...we should do something else, first..

Kaboomba!: *Only Scott and Jared are still in the building*

Steve the Llama: felix:  um, like what? Make sure scot tis okay?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Oh Scotty! I'm still here! AHAHAHAHHA

Elsa: Brianna: Heh, I think you know what I mean...

Kaboomba!: Scott: Good.Steve the Llama: Felix: not really, I'm an engineer, not a mind reader

Elsa: Bianca: *bitchslaps Jared and carries him out* Shut up.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Dammit.

Elsa: Brianna: *Sighs and holds hand out* Handshake, silly!

Steve the Llama: Felix:  oh, cool *shakes*

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Grabs and Throws Jared outside and theres people in white coats everywhere*

Kaboomba!: *Two people in White coats grabs Jared and throw him in a truck*

Kaboomba!: Scott: Good.

Steve the Llama: Felix: good riddence!

Elsa: Bianca: *Stabs the two people* Fuck off, Scott.

Elsa: Bianca: *Takes Jared and carries him away*

Steve the Llama: Harold: What the?

Kaboomba!: Scott: This guy is going to a fucking mental hospital

Steve the Llama: Tyler: he better!

Kaboomba!: Scott: *Grabs Jared* Whether you except it or not.

Elsa: Bianca: Oh is he now? Wont you have to take him from me first?

Elsa: Bianca: *grabs his other arm*Kaboomba!: *A group of white coats restarin Bianca and two more take Jared away*

Kaboomba!: Scott: Told ya.

Elsa: Bianca: Gah! *kicks the white coats and runs after Jared*

Steve the Llama: felix: Oh.

Kaboomba!: Jared: Stop running and let me go dammit!

Elsa: Bianca: *Starts slightly tearing up* Whats wrong with you, you bastard?

Kaboomba!: Jared: Lots of things *Gets put in the truck*

Steve the Llama: Felix: *grabs bianca with his robotic arms* Stop. He wants to go, and needs too.

Steve the Llama: Felix: Please don't stand in everyone's way, it's for the best

Elsa: Bianca: know how determined you were to save Brianna, beacause you love her?

Steve the Llama: Felix: ........oh you didn't need to say that outloud..

Steve the Llama: Felix: *faints*

Elsa: Bianca: *Gets put down and runs after the truck, as the screen fades black while Jared laughs wildly*

Kaboomba!: Maclore: D-d-d-d-dats all folks! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! *Scene cuts and credits roll*