Since none of yu like/respect me...I'll leave. No one makes blogs on this anyway So it won't matter at all. If you do read this, I think I may take a little break and get a life. No one will miss me right? *crickets* This is not a self-sympathy blog, you all treat me like crap and don't listen, I liked Hijotee's roleplay a lot better, minus all the abuse. I say, "Please don't use bad words around me." You all, "Shut up b****" I would appreciate if you all appreciated me and supported me on my own roleplay. Instead, too busy. I'M DEALING WITH 3! I guess I can handle it. They're not all the same time ya know1 >:( I done with all of you! And this is definately gonna lighten' your mood! :)

Screw you,


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