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    My merge Prediction

    February 2, 2014 by TrueCobalion

    These are my predictions, if they are wrong, don't yell at me.

    13th -  Tyler the Accident Prone Jock

    12th -  Lindsay, the Dumb Blonde

    11th - Bridgette the Happy Surfer

    10th - DJ the Mamas Boy

    9th -  Noah, the One with Brains

    8th - Leshawna the Bootylicious

    7th - Courtney the C.I.T

    6th - Heather the Queen Bee

    5th - Eva the strong girl

    4th - Duncan the Delinquent

    Final 3 : Cody

    Gwen Izzy

    Vote Cody, Gwen, or Izzy in the comments

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