Team Neutral
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI - TBA
Place TDI - TBA
Relationship Duncan (Broken up, Manipulation Victim), Scott (broken up), Mike (broken up)
Friends Lindsay, Beth, Izzy, Sierra, Dawn, Trent, Cody
Enemies Everyone else
Roleplayer BoysCanLikeItToo

Zoey is a contestant who was originally introduced in Total Drama Island in the First Series. She is a major antagonist and is known for being violent and vulgar.

First Series

Zoey was a contestant on Total Drama Island, where she placed fourth. She guaranteed herself a spot in the finale, although due to cheating to get her way to the finale, Chris disqualified her and she left with Beth. She returned for Total Drama Action, where despite being a hero, showed more of a villainous side. She was mainly manipulating Duncan. She found out about Scott and Alejandro's Alliance through her spy, Ezekiel, and got Alejandro eliminated before him and Scott could do anything to affect her. Zoey was dating Duncan again as a part of her plan to form alliances, and she tried to keep Scott from telling him the truth. She was eliminated a few episodes later, where Scott then admited his feelings for her and tells her that it was Duncan who was responsible for her elimination. She and Scott are now dating. Zoey returned Total Drama World Tour. In the TDA special she made into Season 3 and cheered when Scott (Her current boyfriend) won the $10,000, and later states in the confessional, she has a "Plan for Scott." Despite this, she was the first to be eliminated. But she was given a present in Asian Adventures from Trent. Zoey returned to Total Drama World Tour in German Games due to being unfairly voted off. In Season 4, Zoey, Cameron, and Brick are all shown to be suspicious of Mike, who is really Mal. Despite what happened last season, Zoey and Scott still seem to have a healthy and loving relationship. She is eliminated along with Brick, Jo, and Cameron. In Total Drama All Stars, Zoey becomes a true antoginist by deceiving and manipulating her way to the top. She is eventually manipulated by her commando side, and becomes a far more violent person. She makes it into the finale, with Evil Cody and Mal, and wins 3rd place.

Second Series

Total Drama Island

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